Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our First Concludes...

our marathon of birthdays!


A few days old

1 year and a day

 2001...became a big sister and not quite 2

3 years old

 4 years

5...BK looks a lot like K does in this picture

Almost 6 and got the little sister (M) she'd been praying for

6 and loves the beach and her brother


8 and loves the fact that she's big sister to 3 siblings!


10 and quickly growing up


And as of 3:12am this morning, 12 years old....


Happy Birthday K!


  1. Ordinarily this type of post makes me a little misty, I don't want to think of my little one growing up so quickly -- but I really enjoying seeing all the different ages and stages -- each looks so delightful and interesting in its own way. Happy birthday young lady!

  2. Happy birthday!!! Don't you think 12 is a special one? It's só 'in between'... Too big for the child-stuff but also a little too small to be a teenager... Have a wonderful day together!!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! So grown up. What's it feel to be mom to a 12 year old? I'll be there in 2 years (:

  4. Happy Birthday K! Such a pretty grown up girl!

  5. Happy birthday! I remember turning 12 (although it was ages ago!), it's a biggie. Loved seeing the pictures over the years, she's so pretty :)

  6. Its no time at all..... try nearly 14!!!!!
    Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

  7. Happy birthday to K! Now time for you to catch your breath after all those parties! Lovely to see the pics.

  8. K read through the comments and wanted to extend her thanks for the birthday wishes. She had a great birthday!

  9. Hi its Danette, I won your latest giveaway. My little boy, shares a birthday with your daughter. He just turned 4. He is the start of our birthday fun for the month. I have son who was born on the 24th of May and a daughter who was born on the 28th of May. I thought since I won I would come a take a look at your blog and I must say you are really good at sewing.


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