Saturday, June 11, 2011

Camping Trip in Our Backyard (Almost)

Friday night, we spent the night camping at a state park that's located 25 minutes from our house.  Upon checking in the weather looked like this:

Torrential downpour, hail, thunder, get the picture

Luckily, the weather did eventually clear.  Right about the time the other 2 families who were camping with us showed up. 

BK in her nightgown at our campsite

We learned the 4 S's of campfires from two rangers (safety, singing, stories, and s'mores)...

BK in her top roasting marshmallows next to big brother

We all woke up early for a change...

P in his basketball pj shorts that I never got around to blogging about

Spent time swimming in the Bay and playing in the sand...

 K "army crawling" in the shallows

 BK's new swimsuit, details

MG's new swimsuit

Saw a lot of little critters...

hermit crab



And one critter that wasn't so little...


All in all, we had a great time and can't wait to do this again!
Ottobre Design Swimsuits Remix x2


  1. That last picture is priceless!

  2. Mmmmm s'mores.
    Sounds like a very fun trip. We have yet to try camping with the kids.
    The last pic is so sweet!

  3. Love the beach,love camping perfect!

  4. How were you not tempted to drive the short journey back home with that weather??? It's years since I've been camping.
    Your girls holding hands ..... gorgeous picture.

  5. Joy & Alisa, I think you'll appreciate (being moms) that it was totally staged. We were walking back and as I was behind them I thought it would look cute to get a picture of them holding hands in their coordinating swimsuits. The look they gave me when I told them to hold would have thought I was asking them to touch poop! But I got my picture.:)

    Joy, Our kids really enjoy it. We usually go at least once a year.

    Nicole, We love the beach and camping too!

    Angela, If the forecast had been for rain all night, we probably would have. But it was only for scattered t-storms which is typcial after a hot day here and according to the radar there was only the one major line of storms.

  6. How do you think I get the pictures of my girls holding hands?????

  7. Sounds like fun! (I've never been camping, and have to say not keen on the idea!)
    S'mores - remind me what these are??

  8. What fun...we love camping...but not so much in the rain! Great photos!

  9. S'mores are toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. I skip the chocolate and graham crackers!


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