Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Reunion Dresses

My little girls wore their new Oliver + S Family Reunion dresses to church this morning.  After being washed, dried, and ironed the fit is pretty darn good.  I think MG would have fit better into a 4 since she's slighter of frame but the larger size range pattern starts with a 5 and that's all I had. 

Family Reunion Dress x2
Oliver + S Family Reunion Dresses, size 5

MG's dress is made from a polka dot quilting cotton that I picked up at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I used a turquoise linen for the neck facing, button tab, sleeve binding, and hem facing.  There's also green ric-rac trim at the hem facing, sleeves, and button tab.  I didn't have any concrete plan in place when choosing trims, contrast fabric, buttons.  In fact my original choice for buttons was this:
Family Reunion Dress Fabric for B

As I worked on the dress, one thing led to another.  I happened to have linen (supposed to be for me!) that matched the blue.  I found green ric-rac and pink buttons in my notions stash.  It all came together to make MG's dress.
Back of MG's FRD
Back of MG's dress

As for BK's dress, it's simpler than her big sister's.  I used a blue floral print that she had picked out on one of our fabric store excursions. 
There's trim around the button tab and at the sleeve edges that I liberated years ago from my mom's stash.  The buttons on the front are also from there. 
BK's Family Reunion Dress
Close up of sleeve detail

Close up of hem topstitching detail

Back of BK's dress

It's another great Oliver + S pattern.  I really enjoyed making these and participating in Above All Fabric's Sew-Along!  Now back to our summer fun...


  1. So cute!! Both dresses are adorable! I don't think I've ever been so tempted to go get an O&S pattern. This is adorable, and I love that they are both individual in the details. Nice work!

  2. There are two happy looking models in these pictures, I'm afraid to ask if there was bribery involved ;-)
    I love the dresses, they both look beautiful on.

  3. I absolutely love how both your dresses turned out! So different and both so so beautiful! Thanks for sewing along!

  4. Very cute! I love how they're so different and how a plan can change as you go along. I love the ric rac and pink buttons on MG's dress!

  5. So so so cute! Great work! Love that last shot!

  6. Adorable! I've been eyeing that pattern...might just have to give in and buy it! :)


  7. Those are lovely! What is the blue and white pring?

  8. Angela, No bribery this time...I told them I had to get a few pics and they cooperated for the most part. It helped that there were cicada shells on the maple tree that held BK's attention for a bit.

    Katie and Andrea, It's a good pattern. My girls have an overabundance of sleeveless dresses and really needed something with sleeves since church can be a bit chilly even if it's super hot out. They weren't interested in anything from Ottobre Design but they like this pattern!

    Thank you Suzanne, Jenny, and Sarah!

    Kathy, It was in the red tag section at Joann Fabrics a few months ago. There isn't any markings on the selvedge beyond "designed and produced for Joann Fabrics".

  9. These are so cute! I can't wait to get started on one.

  10. "liberated from mom's stash" - I like that. I think I'll add that to my collection of words I use when I borrow....take....inherit....acquire...etc. things from my mom's stash!

    And the dresses are really cute!

  11. The dresses are beautiful. I like all the little details - and how the two dresses look so different.

  12. Thanks Camille! You won't be disappointed with the pattern.

    Naptime Seamstress, LOL! Glad to know I'm not the only one who does that. I'm headed over there today...I'll have to see what else needs "liberating".:)

    Thanks Joy!

  13. well shoot, you are like an O & S veteran! So glad you are joining our sew-along.

  14. Beautiful fabrics, dresses, and girls. :)


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