Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hopscotch Meet Up v.2

I'm running out of bribes models!  Neither one of the little girls wanted to be my model for the newest top I made.  What's the world coming to?

BK, after much cajoling, finally deigned to put the top on for a few quick pictures...


It's another Hopscotch Meet Up, this time with rolled hems for the sleeves and bottom edge.   The knit is City Weekend Cafe Dots-Turquoise and the front panel is a voile that I purchased from Joann's a couple of years ago.   The new top is also my entry to the Pattern Remix Flickr Contest over at Me Sew Crazy.



My model was much more enthusiastic climbing down the ladder to get away from me!


  1. I really enjoy the fabric combination. I also enjoy pouty models, I tell myself my kids are just acting like real models!

  2. You Are So Clever!
    I will be making these for Missy L as she is tall and lanky but still has a toddler pot tummy!

  3. Kelly, Thanks! I originally bought the voile for myself but after a top for MG last year and this top, it's about gone. The little girls get all the good fabric.:) BK has definitely got the pouty model look down!

    Nicole, That's so nice of you to say 'cause clever is not how I feel most days!

  4. Wow! I like this version Cindy - clever you!

  5. So pretty! I really like that voile. That's a good idea for using up smallish pieces of printed fabric. that an excuse to buy more solids?

  6. The judges chose this as one of the top Ten in the Pattern Remix Challenge. Now its time to vote :)

    Good luck!


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