Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sandbox Pants Remix, Part 1

On Tuesday, I played around with the Oliver + S Sandbox Pants pattern and came up with this...
Sandbox Pants RemixI'm sad to say it but I don't have a very cooperative model these days so bear with me for the less than stellar photos


My inspiration for these shorts was a pair of Sandbox Shorts from Mel.  I love how she rounded the pockets.  I've had her pair 'favorited' since last November with the plan to copy the pockets when I made either shorts or pants for the little girls.   

The little girls started the warm weather season off with more shorts than short sleeved tops.  Somehow, the situation has reversed itself.  While folding laundry recently, I had 6 shirts left over!  Enter the Sandbox Pants Remix.

I initially planned on doing them like Mel's but when I got ready to cut the shorts out, I realized that I don't particularly care for the patch pockets. I'm more of an inset pocket kind of girl!

The modifications are pretty simple to do and I've made a little tutorial to show how I did it:

First, I shortened the pant pattern pieces to shorts' length.  I used the lower of the 2 notches located on the pattern's inseams as my guide.

Step 2 is to lay the pocket piece that comes with the pattern on the front panel.  Line it up on the top and side edges.  You can see that I already rounded the pocket pattern...I had done that when I was still planning on doing patch pockets.   Draw a line along the inner edge of the pocket.

Which leaves you with this...

Cut along your line.

And that's what the front panel looks like now.

You now need a template to be the pocket's facing.   Basically, it's the original pocket plus the piece you cut off of the front panel.  You could tape the piece you cut onto the the pocket or trace a new pocket and extend the left side up and the top towards the left until they meet.  Your new pattern piece looks like...

 You will need to cut 2 of the pocket facings.  Also, you'll need 2 pocket linings (use the original pocket pattern piece).  The pocket linings are a good way to use up scraps.  I'm using leftover fabric from my Jimmy Buffett cami.

pocket linings

I always like the surprise of putting a fun print in pockets.  For my original pair, I used leftovers from the men's butterfly print shirt that I used for an Ice cream Top.

Sewing inset pockets isn't hard at all.  I'd continue on with pictures/descriptions of how I do it but right now I have white thread and a stretch needle in my machine for swimsuit sewing.  I need to finish MG's suit that's mostly done before starting the shorts.  I'll post a little how-to for the rest of the shorts sometime in the next couple of days.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I like the shorts. Are they some kind of linen blend?

  2. These are so lovely, and I love using fun linings too. Your pockets are perfect, and your explanation is really helpful.
    Your reluctant models are still cute :-)

  3. These are adorable! I love cotton ripstop, but have a hard time finding it. Even if modeling isn't her favorite thing, it seems like she does enjoy wearing the clothes!

  4. Love the shorts!! I just worked through adding some inset pocket also, but yours look much better!

  5. Confession: I prefer inset pockets too, but I couldn't imagine how to do it otherwise. Hooray for your tute!!

  6. I much prefer inset pockets, too. Great tutorial on how you made them. Sweet little shorts! Looks like you've added embroidery to the back pocket...

  7. Forgot to say, hope you don't mind, but I've pinned this...


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