Friday, June 17, 2011

School's Out for Summer

All morning Alice Cooper's rock anthem has been running through my mind.  We put MG on the bus a little while ago for her last day as a kindergartner.


This past year has been full of big changes for my middle daughter.  She's grown so much (metaphorically speaking since she's still one of the shorter kids in her grade!) as the school year progressed.  MG has become quite independent and she's lost 2 teeth!


After having 2 older kids make the transition from Kindergarten to first grade, I've discovered that time seems to pick up speed from this point on.  They need you less and less as they start to find their own way. 

Whoa, wait a minute! This post is starting to turn sad when I meant it to be a happy one, filled with joy that we have the entire summer ahead of us to play.

Last Day of School
That's more like it!

Here's to a not-long-enough summer filled with lazy days, lots of beach/water park expeditions, family trips, picnics, camping, and most of all....


And hopefully, very few moments like these...
She was standing there repeatedly saying, "I won't be naughty anymore, I won't." after getting in trouble for messing in a hole in our neighbor's yard :)


  1. Here's to a fun-filled summer!
    That last picture is so funny!

  2. promise,promise,promise mummy!

    Have a lovely summer,lucky ducks!

  3. Happy summer hols, Cindy! May they be hot and happy!

  4. Joy, Funny, yes, and so completely BK!

    Nicole & Justine, Thanks! It's off to a good start...we headed to the water park after all the kids made it home yesterday. :)

  5. That's my summer holiday anthem too!! Mine are finished next Friday and I can't wait.
    My daughter starts 'big' school aka (official school) Primary School this September, and you're so right about the 'picking up speed' from here.
    Have a great, happy, fun-filled summer!

  6. Yeah! Summer's here. Except our weather isn't cooperating very well. Either way, I can sleep in a bit and we can do fun things together. Love that last photo!


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