Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Fun and Sewing


In between excursions to the water park and zoo, I've been printing off pdf patterns (Colette Sorbetto & Hot Patterns Peachy Beachy Coverup) in anticipation of a little selfish sewing.  

One of my recent sewing projects was a tote bag.  I needed one large enough to fit beach towels for our entire family plus sunscreen, swim goggles, and any other day-outside-involving-water paraphernalia.  After perusing flickr to look at the many versions of the Weekend Sewing  Everything Tote and asking a few ?'s regarding the finished size, I made one for myself.


Inside of Everything Tote


Everything Tote in Use

My modifications weren't much.  I added 2 inches to the depth of the bag, lined the pocket, and ignored the written instructions for sewing the binding on.  The end result is a roomy bag perfect for the beach and water park. 

When it's time to sew a new bag, I'll add another pocket that's a little bigger and pad the handles.

My other sew-n-tell project is a dress for my oldest daughter.  She kept changing her mind as to what she wanted and truth be told, most of the patterns I have are more suited for the little girls in style if not actual size.  She liked a dress from Land's End but I didn't have any patterns with a surplice/faux wrap neckline that did not need heavy modifications done to it.  As luck would have it, I found what I needed in an old Ottobre Design magazine in my mom's sewing room.
Daisy Dress
K's dress in Michael Miller's Plain Jane fabric

I took the front of OD #37 01/06 and left it as is and cut the back of the top to the same length as the front.  I made my own pattern for the A-line skirt and gathered it so it would fit the bodice.  I then sewed 4 rows of stitching with elastic thread in the bobbin to shir the top edge of the skirt.  The bodice is lined and I added piping to the neckline and sleeve edges.  

K and I chose this particular fabric so she would have another dress to wear with her red/white polka dot shoes.  She's planning on wearing this dress to her cousin's wedding in July!


  1. Wow I'm impressed with the dress! Gorgeous! She looks so grown up in it!

    I've saved the Sorbetto pdf and even bought fabric for it, but have been dithering over making that pattern or a similar style from a Japanese pattern book I have. Hmmm...

  2. I like the dress. How old is she?

    I like the bag too. And I wish that was me on the tube! :-)

  3. Love K's dress - very clever!

  4. Lovely dress and bag! I would love to learn how to attach an elastic waist skirt to a bodice as you did here and the other dress you made for K. I love seeing ideas for older girls as so many patterns and tutorials on the web are geared for the littler ones.

  5. anon-It's really easy. The other dress for K has an elastic casing on the skirt and I just stitched the knit tank to the skirt. With this dress, I gathered the skirt to fit the bodice and sewed them together. Then I went back and using regular thread in the needle, elastic thread in the bobbin, and my stitch length at 3.5 stitched 4 rows approx. 1 cm apart below the seam. It brought the skirt in so it's more fitted and flattering on K's figure. Hope that helps!

  6. I just made the same bag but I wish I would have added additional depth like you did!

  7. Love the bag and the dress is so stylish perfect for an older girl.

  8. love the beach bag! isn't it handy to have all those back issues of ottobre? :)

  9. You did a wonderful job on K's dress, more so because of not having a complete pattern and for all the extras you added. I love the fabric, and she looks so happy with her dress too.

  10. My daughter would love that dress! I am making a an Onion one from Banberry Place with a similar, but not the same, bodice. So cute! Love your bag too!


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