Monday, July 25, 2011

Back in Town

Part of the reason, I dropped down to 1 post a week was I knew we would be travelling some this summer.  Our most recent trip was to Wisconsin for a family member's wedding with a brief stop off in Kentucky to visit with friends.
In the midst of packing, I stopped to do a little sewing...

With 4 kids and 2 adults travelling over a thousand miles one way in a minivan, space is limited.  The big kids take their regular pillows but it's too much to have the little girls bring theirs.  Especially when they are in booster seats and can't really use a full sized pillow.  Before we left, I purchased travel/camping pillows for them but balked at buying the pillowcases.  After all, I have a ton of fabric sitting at home and pillow cases are not hard to make. 

I also spent the day before we left, making K another swimsuit.

Kwik Sew 3785, size L with an extra inch added to front/back, Chez Ami fabric

And along the swimsuit theme, I made a cover up for MG and one for myself...

Burdastyle 6/2011, Hooded pullover

This was a bit of a pain in the butt to sew.  First, the pattern is for a woven.  Secondly, Burdastyle's instructions left me scratching my head.  I ended up winging it.  The cover up works, miss M likes it, but I'll do it completely different next time!

No pictures of mine since I'm always behind the camera...maybe later this week, I'll get one of the kids to snap a pic.
And here are a few pictures of clothes I've made that were worn while we were on vacation:



If you're interested in seeing more from our trip, I'll be posting photos and brief descriptions on what we did over at Siestas and Travels!


  1. I totally agree that the instructions for the BurdaStyle patterns are so strange.

  2. Your holiday looks wonderful, and the last minute sewing too. I also agree about Burdastyle instructions, but the cover-up is perfect.


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