Friday, August 19, 2011

Are you ready for some (Packer) Football?

Go Pack, Go!

I'd forgotten what a quick project the Bucket Hat from Little Things to Sew is.  I sewed the sides and top together on Wednesday when I had a few moments to spare and finished the hat Thursday night in about 1/2 an hour!


While I was hand sewing the last little bit, P asked with a voice full of hope if the hat was for him.  It was with great pleasure that I told him yes.  He was even keen to have his picture taken which is not a common situation!  Of course, he had to put on his Aaron Rodgers jersey and leave his pj shorts on to get the total Packer's look.

LTTS Bucket Hat

I used white denim for the main fabric and the left over GB Packer fabric from his pj shorts for the reverse side.  I'm not even sure when I made those...a year ago?  The white side out will be for our Gilligan Halloween costume.  I made the largest size hat and did 1/4 inch seams instead of 1/2 inch to make sure it would be big enough for P.  


And of course, every post needs a slightly goofy picture.   He was having fun!


  1. How funny that he went all out. And bucket hats keep the sun off better than baseball caps!

  2. The hat turned out really cute! Great idea to use 1/4" seams to make it a teeny bit larger!

  3. Great! Your boy seems very happy with his hat!:-)

  4. He is decked out well for some Packer football. Great job on the hat!

  5. Thank you Nicole, Sarah, Cecile, and Emily! That hat has gotten a lot of wear since I finished it. He's constantly wearing it!:)

  6. I must remember I have that book when Summer comes around and I need to sew hats.


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