Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Burdastyle Magazine #101 06-2011

  I purchased the 06/2011 issue of Burdastyle Magazine for the hooded shirt which was the basis for MG's coverup .  There were a few other patterns that interested me for the kids and a couple that I thought would be nice for me.  My first attempt for myself the V-neck Blouse:

I'm guilty of closing my eyes just like K

I used cotton gauze fabric from  As much as I've griped about sewing with cotton gauze, it's really comfortable to wear.  And it's the perfect weight for hot, humid summer days. 
The pattern went together pretty well.  I used a size 38 even though my bust measurement puts me at a 40.  I'm not too fond of billowy tops and I figured that there would be plenty of ease even if I cut a size smaller...there was.:)  The instructions for the neckline threw me a bit so I ended up winging it.  I did find clearer instructions here but I opted to skip the jersey strip.   eta:  I also didn't cut the top on the bias (which you're supposed to). 


  1. I have NEVER had success with Burda patterns. Yours looks excellent!

  2. This is a fabulous top. I imagine the v-neck with gathers would be really finicky, but it looks really good. I seem to be sewing with that color a lot lately, too!

  3. That is a great color on you! Great top!

  4. Your top is lovely!!! And you scored on those vintage buttons.

    Lovely sewing blog.


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