Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple for Teacher

With flower girl dress(es) needing to be sewn by next Monday, I was not going to do any first day of school sewing.  It's not like there was a need for it.  But while putting fabric away in my sewing room, I came across 2 of my favorite prints...Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market Apple Dot in pink and SH Meadowsweet Happy Buttferfly in Pumpkin.  The prints were begging to be made into short sleeved 2+2 tops (Oliver + S).

MG all ready for her first day of 1st grade

I'd intended to give BK this top and let the butterfly one be MG's since she has capris with butterflies embroidered on the pockets (see above).  But while sewing on the tops, BK walked in and was taken by the butterfly print.

I sewed up a size 4 (what I already had traced off) and added an inch to the hem.  I also used a fabric loop and button for the front closure instead of ties.  The buttons on the apple dot were from the buttons my mother-in-law gave me.  
Apple for Teacher 2+2, back

BK won't be starting her "school" until the 21st of September but she wanted to wear her new top today too.


I did the same exact modifications on this one.  The buttons were from my existing supplies.

my little helper

Today marks the end of our summer.  The kids did great getting ready this morning.  The only hiccup was that K's bus did not arrive when it was supposed to (8:29am).  At around 9 am, she called me asking if I would take her to school.  So with K and 3 of her friends on board, BK and I made a quick run to the middle school.  Hopefully, tomorrow morning will not have any bus woes.

Kids, How do you feel about school starting tomorrow?
labor day 2011 074
Our last beach day before school starts


  1. I love the shirts! What a great bunch of kids you have!

  2. I like the tops!

    My kids were excited to head to school this morning. Their bus was late too, but it still came. It's very quiet in my house. How's yours?

  3. I love the last photo! The tops are wonderful, perfect prints for 2+2 tops.
    Thankfully our bus has never let us down. We get picked up at 8.40am. School starts at 9.20am. We are one of of the first pick-ups.

  4. great photo,our school day starts at 8:50 and finishes at 3;20. We have early bus 8 am or late bus 8;15 alternately.
    don't you miss them?

  5. Gorgeous tops - perfect apple top for first day at school! Suz

  6. Such cute tops! LOVE the last picture!

  7. Thank you ladies!

    Nicole, Yes, I did miss them yesterday. We do have a lot of fun together even if it does get crazy at times. BK really missed her siblings too.

    Suz, Thanks! I was a little iffy about the whole apple/school thing but I'm happy with the results!

    Thanks Jenny!

  8. Such cute shirts! Oliver + S has great details. I love both of the fabrics, too.

    I'm telling myself I'm not jealous it's still warm enough there to go swimming! When we lived in NC, summer felt horrendous to me, but the rest of the year was pretty nice!

  9. These are 2 very pretty tops, and that's a great 'last day of holiday' picture!


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