Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabric shopping while on vacation

I've been spending the almost 2 weeks since we've been back catching up on all the day to day stuff that accumulates when your focus is off your household for weeks at a time.  I haven't had a chance to share about the fabric shopping adventures I enjoyed while in Oregon.  So here goes...

I had a small list of shops that I wanted to visit while in Oregon:   Fabric Depot, Mill End Store, and The Rain Shed.

Wednesday morning before we headed to the coast, my husband promised that we could visit Fabric Depot in Portland.  We entered the address into the GPS and headed out. 

Much to John's amusement, across the street there was an adult bookstore/strip club.  He wondered out loud if that was where the husbands hung out while their wives bought fabric.

Needless to say, John and the little girls accompanied me into the fabric store.

Fabric Depot is huge!  There are aisles upon aisles of fabric.  It was great to see all the popular fabric lines and be able to touch them.  I saw tons of prints that appealed to me but what I really need are some good basic solids.  It was a bit overwhelming being amidst all that fabric and I ended up leaving the store with only a pattern (Oliver + S School Photo Dress) in hand.

Next up, we headed to the Mill End Store which was a little bit out of our way.  The girls wanted to wander around outside so I went in by myself.  Once again, there was quite a bit of fabric!  Lots of adult clothing yardage and a good selection of woolens.  I lingered over some of the melton wool but decided that there really wasn't enough room in our luggage to buy any significant yardage.  I also was taken by some of the children's knit prints but there again, I really need more solids in my stash.  So, I left there empty handed.

My last fabric hunting outing, took place on the Saturday of the wedding.  A few weeks before we left town, I had been researching companies that sold outerwear fabric.  I came across The Rain Shed and as I was looking at their information, realized that they were located in Corvallis which is where we would be staying Friday and Saturday night. 

First thing Saturday morning, I headed out with my mother-in-law and arrived just as The Rain Shed was opening.   After a good 30 minutes looking at what was available and picking the brain of the nice woman who worked there, I made my "big" purchase.

best picture I could get of my haul, it's been raining every day since we arrived home

2 yards of Thinsulate, 3 yards of a woven quick dry fabric in "rattan", 2 yards of black sateen, 1 1/2 yards each of 2 ply Taslan in red and charcoal, and a zipper.  The Oliver + S pattern was my Fabric Depot purchase.

The Thinsulate will be for winter coats, the quick dry fabric will be for shorts next summer, black sateen is for K (she needs a black skirt for choral performances), and the Taslan+zipper is for a windbreaker jacket for P.

I'm quite pleased with my purchases and can't wait to sew some of it up!


  1. It's always fun to shop in other fabric stores. Don't you hate it when you don't need any 'fun' fabrics? :-)

  2. There's nothing like sightseeing through the eyes of a sewist (:

  3. All that ''lady porn''(fabric) and you only bought a tiny bit?

    Cindy,I think I need to take you shopping!

    What a great way to break up a trip

  4. Alisa, Yes, being pratical and not purchasing the 'fun' fabrics is a little depressing. I need to use up the prints I have then I can justify buying more.;)

    Joy, I agree!

    Nicole, Ha! I did have to take into consideration baggage fees for the flight back. If I had overweight luggage the fees would have been substantially more than it would cost to order the fabric online and have it shipped. I did feel a bit guilty that I was surrounded by all this gorgeous fabric and didn't purchase hardly any!

  5. I forgot that you flew!
    I guess you could have placed an order and had it waiting for you.... I admire your discipline!
    x N
    (still like to take you fabric shopping)

  6. Oh, can I come too?
    I admire your self restraint, Cindy!

  7. Nicole & Justine, It would be loads of fun!! But our husbands might not be too happy when they saw what we spent....

  8. I had no idea you went to Fabric Depot! That's one of my favorite shops when I'm over there- in the summer they run their "outside" sale and the fabric is so incredibly inexpensive, it is actually cheaper for me to buy it, and then ship it home. I do agree that it's like going on overload when you walk in there. I haven't tried the other two, but I've been itching to get to Woolen Mill ends, but haven't had a good excuse to get there.


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