Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here comes the Flower Girl

Flower Girl Dress
The Bride and BK

BK did a fabulous job being a flower girl.  She walked nicely down the aisle carrying her flowers and stood by the maid of honor patiently during the ceremony.   Her dress (Ottobre Design 02/02 #18 "Festkleid") fit perfectly.  The petticoat and white roses that were my mom's contribution made the dress that much more special.  The head piece was from our dress up box.  I made it over using white satin ribbon and some sheer blue fabric that was left over from a niece's wedding 2 years ago.

Oregon Trip 164

Oregon Trip 165
MG and BK ready to blow bubbles on the newly married couple
"Tafetta Princess" dress

MG's dress (Ottobre Design 03/08 #19 "Tafetta Princess") was unfortunately, a little too big across the chest.  I didn't start sewing the dresses until school had started and BK had been my fitting model while MG attended school.  While the girls' are pretty much the same size, MG has a slighter build.

Oregon Trip 179
The wedding party
Back of Flower Girl Dress
back of dress
Oregon Trip 166
Daddy with his 2 little princesses
2/3 of a Happy Family
2/3 of our family

As you can see above, I did finish my AMH Museum dress.    

Oregon Trip 169

Oregon Trip 192

The skirts were nice and full on both dresses.  Perfect for leaping high with Daddy...
Oregon Trip 198
...chasing goats at the reception...

Oregon Trip 208

Oregon Trip 209

...and for dancing the evening away!


  1. Lindo. bjos

  2. It looks like a fun time!! Cute pics!

  3. Adorable! I love that you made up two different festive patterns in the same fabric. They complement each other very well! I've had my eye on these patterns but have yet to come up with an occasion... Christmas is definitely too cold around here.

  4. Thanks for sharing some more pics, Cindy! It looks like a very fun wedding

  5. Gorgeous,it looks like great fun!

  6. Thank you! It was a great wedding and fun to visit with the extended family in such a wonderful part of the country.

  7. These are gorgeous family pics and your girls are adorable in their dresses. I love how BK seems to be taking her job so seriously, and then having so much fun in the dancing pic. I hadn't seen that Ottobre pattern before - it was a great choice. I also love your AMH dress.


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