Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Penguin and the Flower Girl

It's been all about the flower girl dress this week.  Every morning after the older kids have left for school, I've been packing BK and my supplies up and heading to my parents' for some uninterrupted sewing.  It's been real helpful not only to have my youngest occupied playing with Grandma but to have expert help right there.  And I can say that they are now done.  Whew!

Here's a sneak peek...

Ottobre Design 02/02 #18 "Festkleid"
Ottobre Design 03/08 #19 "Taffeta Princess"

BK (who is the flower girl) will be wearing the top dress next Saturday in Oregon.  MG (backup flower girl) will be wearing the bottom.  MG has been in 2 weddings and knows the ins and outs.  BK....well, she's a tad bit unpredictable.  I think she'll be fine but if she isn't MG will walk with her.  The bride is very laid back and doesn't mind. 

The fabric for both dresses was a polyester shantung that I picked up on clearance.  I would have loved to have splurged on some silk but for practicality this will work best.  The "Festkleid" dress was from a German issue of OD.  Other than referencing the diagram for the sleeve hem, I left the magazine closed.  My mom is making petticoats to go under the dresses.  She also made the white satin roses that are on BK's dress.

Since we will be flying cross country to attend our nephew's wedding, I'm going to try and sew up the Penguin Backpack from Little Things to Sew this weekend.  BK requested one for speech and it's September's challenge for A Little Gray's sew-along.   If I finish it in time, she can use it on the plane to carry some toys and books to keep her occupied.  I'm going to try and modify the size of the backpack so that it will fit a pocket folder.  We'll see how that goes...

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  1. Beautiful dresses! They definitely look "boutique". The details you added are very nice. How is poly shantung to sew with?

    I have the 2/02 issue in Finnish and have eyed that pattern for a while; all those pleats don't look appealing to sew, though (:


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