Monday, October 17, 2011

And It's Done

KCWC, that is.  I didn't do much sewing on Friday and Saturday.  Kids' needs and sports took up most of those 2 days.  I did cut out two new projects though and was back in my sewing room for a couple of hours on Sunday to wrap the week up.

Sunday's project was jeggings for my skinny jeans obsessed girl

The jeggings are from Ottobre Design 04/11, #20 in size 98 for width and 110 in length.  I've felt like I was cheating on OD since I haven't been sewing anything from the magazine lately.  I truly do love their patterns and the fact that they have a big range in sizes in each magazine. 

The fabric is a denim look knit from Jo-ann's.  The fabric was a steal since it was in the red tag aisle and 50% off the red tag price.   I did all the topstitching with a yellow thread using a triple straight stretch on the machine.  I should have praticed a bit as my inital stitches weren't all that great.  Whoops!  I improved by the end but there will still be no close up pictures of the stitching.:)

The fit is great and Miss M loves the pants.  She ran around last night proclaiming that they were her "super, super, super, super skinny mini jeans".  M would have loved to wear them today but it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the 80's.  Good thing I hadn't packed all the shorts away yet!


  1. The jeggings looks fantastic!

  2. Great job, Cindy! They look great and if she loves them then it doesn't matter about a few off stitches. KCWC is over but I still have more clothing to sew... :-)

  3. Thanks Sarah! I'm hoping I have enough fabric to make K a pair.

    Nicole, yes, but you won't catch me in a pair!

    Thanks Alisa!

  4. They are fab jeggings! I know why Miss K is so happy!

  5. I love M's reaction to her jeggings! Your KCWC sewing is very impressive, especially K's gorgeous shirt dress.


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