Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Sewing

September is usually filled with sunshine and warm temps with out the usual summer humidity.  What happened this year???  Since we've been home from the Oregon trip there has been rain almost every day.  And this weekend it got cold!  I had to break out the jeans and long sleeve shirts for school today. 

The most used piece of clothing for all of my kids is a zip front hoodie.  It's an essential part of their wardrobes.  K and P's are store bought...Roxy for her and Tony Hawk for him.  The little girls though have Kitschy Coo hoodies that I sewed for them.

Kitschy Coo Hoodie
BK, Fall 2010

Stripey Zippy Hoodie
MG, Fall 2010
The girls at the Oregon Coast, Sept. 2011

BK left hers behind somewhere in Oregon.  It was starting to get a bit small on her so it wasn't that tragic of a loss. 

I took BK shopping for fleece at Jo-ann's last Thursday.  We were both underwhelmed with the selection.  She really wanted a rainbow stripe like MG's but there wasn't any to be had.  We settled for a blue "fireworks" print.



I made the size 4 but added 2 inches in length to the body of the hoodie and its sleeves because I'm too lazy to print out and tape the next size pattern together.   The hoodie is lined in a yellow jersey from that I purchased a year and a half ago.  The ribbing is from Jo-ann's and was picked from the clearance aisle a while back.  I would have liked a yellow or aqua zipper but options from the local fabric store are few and far between and BK needed her hoodie straight away.

Once again, Amanda's  pattern produced a warm, snuggly hoodie that fits perfectly.  I can't say enough good things about the pattern!

BK wore her fireworks hoodie this morning while we waited at the bus stop for MG and P's bus to come with temps in the mid-50's.   It was chilly but BK (and her sister) stayed warm!

MG and BK in their Kitschy Coo Hoodies!


  1. I just can't get over how great these look!

  2. They look awesome! BK is getting so big!

  3. Thanks Sarah!

    Lotta, She is! I think she might have 1/2 on MG now...yikes!

  4. I have often been tempted by this pattern! It's really lovely.
    MG looks just like you in the last photo!
    PS...Look! A comment!

  5. A timeless design that looks great!!! Love the fabric you've used.


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