Friday, October 21, 2011

It's all in the Details

K's Sarita Jeans

 pockets, back yoke, and belt loops

 inner waistband

button and pink zipper

Little Girls' Sandbox Pants

 peek-a-boo pocket from Jessica's tutorial

a bit of pocket lining rolled out for interest

coordinating ribbon for ties with buttons sewn on the ends

 close up of button detail

sandbox pants with my inset pocket remix

 play tested and approved!

The End


  1. Great details!! I agree; the details really make a huge difference. Yours rock.

  2. Excellent as always. I absolutely love the buttons on the end of the ribbon ties. I will steal that idea!

  3. Your detailing really is amazing :)

  4. so nice! I am really appreciating these kind of details in kid's sewing lately. Love it.

  5. These are gorgeous details, Cindy!
    Love, love, love the Sandbox pants!

  6. Thanks, Lisa!

    Justine, They're made out of a heavy duty twill so hopefully they'll last a loooong time! Thanks!

    Thank you, Nicole! I was thinking of you as I set up my "photo shoot".

  7. You're right! The details are what set these apart.

  8. I love the contrasting fabric on the pants. I've never thought of doing that. Brilliant!


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