Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jeggings and Jeans

The weather cooled down some last night (boo!) so M was able to wear her new jeggings to school today.

Jeggings for M
Ottobre Design 04/11, #20, size 98 with 110 for length

It's been hard getting decent pictures of the kids' new clothes lately.  Not to say that I ever took great pictures to begin with, but finding a place to take pictures with good lighting has become harder as the seasons change.   In the sunny spots outside, it's too bright and with all the trees we have the other spots are either dappled sunshine or too dark.  And because of those trees, inside the house is a bit gloomy too.   My kids grudgingly pose for me so finding another location besides our house is not going to happen!

I took these in my bedroom with the overhead light on and the blinds pulled open as far as they go not long after sunrise.  More views:

back view of the jeggings
all dressed and ready for school

K had been complaining that her store bought skinny jeans were too hard to take off when she dressed out for PE at school.  She begged for some jeans that were boot cut so that she could take them off easily.  I admit, I looked in the stores first, but as I've complained before she's difficult to fit (skinny and tall).  The store bought jeans that she likes (except for the difficulty in taking them off due to the tight ankles) are a 12 slim super skinny jean from Old Navy.  I looked there and at a few other stores but the boot cut jeans in the same size are not long enough.  So, I pulled the Sarita Jeans pattern out that I used 2 years ago...

Sarita Jeans, Ottobre Design 01/09, #36, size 140

I used a black, slightly stretchy denim that was in my stash.  The fit was pretty good, much better than it was 2 years ago when I took the jeans in 3 inches around the hips.  I did make a couple of small alterations to ensure that they would inch out of the back center seam to prevent gaping and I added 4 inches to the length.

I didn't use contrasting thread for my topstitching as I was in a hurry to get these made so K could wear them to school this morning.  And I also didn't do the rear pockets like the pattern calls for. 

rear view

side view

almost ready for school

Next project(s) for the sewing machine will be Halloween costumes.  I'm keeping it pretty simple this year and only need to alter a thrift store find shirt for P and make B a blouse.   Check out some of these costumes that others have been sewing:  Rapunzel Dress by Katie, Hedwig and an Undersea Fairy and Dinosaurs by Julia,.  I love fancy costumes and both Katie an Julia have done a great job making theirs.


  1. I like the jeggings (I have never before heard that term.) Too bad you can't even see all the fancy topstitching with the long shirt. :-) And wow, I don't think I would ever attempt jeans. They look good though!

  2. I like the way the Sarita jeans turned out - yours look much slimmer than the drawing and the pair featured in the magazine. I may have to try these for my skinny, long-legged 11 year-old. She's up to a size 14 length in US clothing! If your daughter likes skinny jeans I highly recommend the Twiggy jeans in the 6/2007 issue. They were perfect for my skinny girl.

  3. Both of these are great. I love the shape of the Sarita jeans.
    Practical sewing for fall. Yay!

  4. They both look great! I like the jeans without the back pockets - makes them look more slim lined.

    Sad about the weather though....!

    As for taking photos, mine are never good!

  5. I so admire how you need to sew something....and you do it!

    I had to make Hugo some cricket gear last minute. I told Jed I was channeling Cindy!
    These look great and much neater for not having the pockets.
    I think I will be picking your brains for swimsuit sewing tips this season.
    We have limited time for photos at the moment,I have a back log of ''photo shoots'' to do!

  6. Jen, Thank you! I forgot about that pair of jeans and I was even looking at that issue recently.:) I believe there was a slim fitting long sleeve t-shirt paired with it too? I'll have to double check the leg opening and see if it's big enough to easily get on and off.

    Justine, Thanks! I guess I should have worded the bit about the pockets better. They're on there, I skipped the patch and embroidery though. They don't show up well either because of that! And yes, I'm sad about the weather. Football practice tonight was FREEZING!

    Nicole, Aw, Thank you! That's nice of you to say. Though to be completely honest she asked for them 2 weeks ago. However, since the weather had warmed up the need wasn't as urgent because she was wearing shorts to school. Today was the first chilly day so it was nice that they were done and ready to go.



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