Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC: Day 4: Still Making Progress

Usually by now, I'm getting worn out from sewing.  Probably because during KCWC, I sew more than an hour a day.  But not this go around...I'm pushing through!

Today's project(s) was to finish P's pajama pants and trace off/sew the largest size Imke from Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  I had P try on K's Cali Girl Imke last night and it was too snug for my taste.  RTW boy clothes are rarely form fitting unless you're talking skinny skater jeans which thankfully, P is not into!


My fabric stash is full of girly colors so I had to scrounge around to find something to coordinate with the flannel pajama pants.  And since this shirt is big enough to fit me (more on that later), I didn't have enough yardage to make the shirt out of 1 (or 2) color(s).  The orange sleeves are a cotton jersey, the white front is cotton interlock, and the back is a black cotton lycra jersey.  Plus there's a black ribknit neckband.   But that's's my muslin for fitting and the top is not going to be seen outside of our house. 

The 11/12 Imke is really too big for P.  But there's lots of grow room!  Before he came home from school and could try it on, I slipped the shirt on and took a picture.

Imke for Patrick
If you look closely you'll see B in her Dortje pants and Mr. Penguin

P fresh from the shower wearing his new pajamas!

I hemmed the sleeves and shirt while he was taking a shower and see now that I could have made the sleeves a little shorter.  The pajama pants were made using the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  I sewed the children's L/XL but I feel like the thighs are a little snug and the length is almost too short.  Otherwise, I like the pattern.  Maybe the adult small might fit my 10 year old defensive lineman's body better.

I also sewed up the children's S/M pajama pants for M. That was part of day 2-3's sewing.

The fit on these was right on!  I put in a deep hem that can be let down as she grows taller.  I was proud of myself on this pair as the cupcake flannel has been sitting in my stash for at least 2 years.  It took some creative cutting but I squeezed the pants out of 1 yard.


  1. Great work! I like the set you made for your son. No worries if they are a tad too short. They are just pj's. I sewed more pj's today too. I'll post tonight after some kids are in bed.

  2. wow! You are amazing. Congrats on getting so much done! The new jammies are great!

  3. Awesome fabric on Master P's pyjamas!!! Love it!!!


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