Wednesday, October 12, 2011

KCWC Days 2, 3: I'm on FIRE

I had a fruitful day yesterday sewing.  Of course, it helped that I was at my parents' house for part of the day and had around 5 hours to sew while my mom kept BK occupied.

Those 5 hours were spent sewing the buttonholes on K's dress, sewing Dortje pants for M (or B if they're too short for M), fixing K's top from kcwc day one, and sewing pj pants for P and M. 

Today was spent hemming the Dortje pants and K's top, sewing buttons on K's dress, and working on the pajama pants.

Full Placket Jump Rope Dress
K's dress, size 8


K's dress is the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress with a few changes:  Length, Full Placket, Lining, and 3/4 length sleeves.

The biggest change is the full length button placket.  When I cut the dress out, I cut right down the front fold.  I then cut 2 strips of my main fabric 3 inches wide.  I applied it the same way as you would the original placket except (obviously!) it continues down the entire front of the dress.   When it came time to mark the buttonholes, I took the advice of my mom...make sure there's a button at K's bust line so that the dress front doesn't gap.  The buttonholes are approximately 4 inches apart. 

kcwc day 2/3
Dortje pants

I wanted to use the Heather Ross Equestrian print from M's Ice Cream Dress for the knee panels but it didn't look right against the tan stretch corduroy.  I didn't have enough of the corduroy to make the pants with out knee panels so I grabbed the black/white pin dot fabric that I used in her dress instead.  Even then, I ran out of the pin dot fabric and the cord and had to pull a cotton/lycra knit out to use for the waistband.    It should be nice and comfy to wear! 

And lastly....

I wasn't happy with the job I did on the sleeve additions on K's top for Day 1.   It was really hodge podge and I can't blame K for not liking the shirt.  I went online and looked at shirt styles from K's favorite surfer brand, Roxy.  There was a shirt that had 3/4 length double sleeves. 

I cut off the crap  fabric I added and redid the sleeves. 

Cali Girl Imke top
Imke shirt from Sewing Clothes Kids Love all fixed!

It's much better.  I used a double needle and did the hems for the sleeves and the top.

I'm hoping to finish the pjs pants tonight as well.  But then again, maybe I should stay away from my sewing machine at night! 


  1. WOW! You are on fire. Everything is really great. LOVE the Jump Rope Dress. Can't wait to see it on. And the t-shirt! It looks great the way you fixed it.

  2. Wow, great work! Very nice dress. I'd love to see it on her.

    I like the changes to the shirts. It looks much better.

  3. I adore days like that!!! Now if I can only find someone to watch my kids...

  4. Woohoo! Go Cindy! Love all your sewing - you are a wonder!

  5. You're tearin it up! That shirt dress is Fantastic- so classy!


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