Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Plans + Opinions Needed

Monday kicks off Kids Clothes Week Challenge at elsie marley.  The premise for the week is to commit to sewing kids' clothing for at least an hour each day. Meg hosts one in the spring and in the fall.  This past spring I made nightgowns for the little girls, a Seashore dress for B, and  Class Picnic tops for M and B.

My plans for this year are once again ambitious.  Dream Big I say!

-long sleeve shirts for k,p,m,b
-pj pants for p,m,b
-dress for k
-jeans for k
-long pants for m,b
-dresses for m,b

I have the pajama pants (Weekend Sewing, Pajama Pants for Everyone) for P and M/B already cut out and also K's jeans (Sarita, Ottobre Design 01/09). 

I've been working here and there on K's dress (Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress) and hope to finish it this week during KCWC.  K liked her red JRD but it was way too short for this year.   After seeing this Lisette Traveler Dress and purchasing some black and white seersucker, I knew I wanted to slightly alter the JRD pattern and duplicate that look for K. 

My alterations were to make the placket run the full length of the dress and to add length to the sleeves and hem.  I'm also lining the body of the dress as the seersucker is a little sheer. 

I really wanted yellow buttons down the front but figured I'd best check with K.  I turned her loose in my button stash and she chose turquoise.

Here's where I need to hear y'all's opinions....What color thread should I use for sewing the buttons on? 


  1. I'd match the turquoise.

    Wow. And hour of sewing a day... I can't imagine it. :)

    *L* The littles in my house just don't cooperate that well! *L*

  2. Very ambitious!
    Still like Sarvi's red suggestion, but K might not!

  3. Why not try yellow since you wanted yellow buttons?

  4. You are ambitious! I want to join in too but today is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada so not much happening today.

  5. I tend to match the thread to the button, but a contrast thread can look really neat. (Not much help, huh?)

    The dress is looking really cute (or did you make it shirt length?)


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