Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celebrate Color with a Fall Apple Top

Have you all heard about Celebrate Color?

It's a 3 month long celebration celebrating color and a contest too!  There are 4 categories:  Fabric (Home Decor), Fabric (Wearables), Yarn, and Needlepoint that you can enter with some great prizes offered to the 1st and 2nd place winners. 

I was too wrapped up in wedding sewing in September.  And October felt like it was over before it started.  But November...I've been doing fall sewing and some of it is quite colorful.  So, I'm giving it a whirl.

I mentioned in the post about BK's Chez Ami outfit that I'm trying to use up my stash of knit prints while the little girls' will still wear them.    The girls' newest top uses an apple print and a brown & green stripe, both from Chez Ami.

Chez Ami "Anemone Stripes" top

Once again, I used the "Anemone Stripes" pattern from Ottobre Design (04/09 #21).  It's a fun pattern to use when mixing and matching fabrics.  In the magazine it's dubbed a tunic but I found the top to be a regular length.

M was so excited this morning that the temperature had dropped (upper 70's yesterday to low 50's overnight and still dropping) so that she could wear the new top to school.  Me, not so much, I'll take the warm weather every day!

Celebrate Color:  Fall Apple Top



  1. Super cute! I'll be sad when DD stops wearing cutesy prints...

  2. I like it so much! Cute, Cute!

  3. This is so cute! I love the color combo! Would you like to post your project and a photo link to your blog on my Sew & Tell Saturday linky party at my blog this Saturday? Its geared specifically for sewing projects and fabric related crafts.Hope to see you!
    Justine @
     Sew Country Chick

  4. Lovely! You do good work. Nice to see you again!

  5. Thanks, Uta! I love sweet prints but you have to listen to what the boss(es) say...:)

  6. MA, Thank you! Sewing has turned into a passion of mine over the last couple of years.

  7. Thx for your comment :) that little top is too cute! :D


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