Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chez Ami (fabric) Set

I've had a stash of Chez Ami fabric for oh, about 2 years.  One of my favs is a cute doggy print.  I've been waiting for the perfect sewing project but none have came along.  As time marches on,  my little girls have grown bigger and aren't as fond of cute prints as they once were.   I figure I have this year and maybe next before they decide that those cute prints are only acceptable for sleep wear. 

So, my mission this fall has been to sew up much needed clothes for M and B using those hoarded fabrics.  I hit the Ottobre Design magazines and picked some patterns to make mix-n-match outfits.

The first set that's finished...

Top:  "Anemone Stripes" 04/09 #21
Pants:  "Relaxed Velour" 04/11 #16
All the fabrics with the exception of the brown ribbing on the top are from Chez Ami. 

The pants are relaxed through the hips.  I liked the overall shape but didn't want them to be too "relaxed" so I traced a size 98 for the width instead of a 104.  B would have been fine with a 104 but M will also be wearing these pants so I had to take her slight frame into consideration.

With her hands in the pockets, the jodphur shape of these pants is more pronounced.

Speaking of pockets...

I didn't get a picture of it but the pocket bag is the striped fabric from the shirt.


The top is a size 104 and a good fit.  For the next set, I'll cut the ribbing for the sleeves a little shorter.  Speaking of the next set, it's already cut out.  Chez Ami apple print paired with a brown and green stripe for the top.  The velour for the pants is a panne velvet in hot pink that I picked up (no clue why!) from the remnant bin at Jo-ann Fabrics a few years ago.  I'm hoping to add another few pieces to each set that can be mixed and matched to make several outfits!


  1. I like it, Cindy! The shirt pattern is very cute. You are so right about the cutesy prints. My oldest doesn't like them any more (unless it's for a bag or accessory.)

  2. I know why you picked up the hot pink!

    I have found that R is leaning back towards some 'cute' prints, so maybe you can still put them to good use!

  3. I'm totally addicted to Chez Ami fabrics... I frequently find myself wishing there were more to choose from! These is an adorable set.

  4. Justine, I imagine I had a girl child in tow who insisted on buying it but my memory is a little foggy. I can see myself at the store having said fabric remnant in my hand but from there on out, I'm blank!

    Thanks Nicole! The other pair in hot pink is on the machine.

  5. adorable! yes, they grow out of those cute prints very quickly.

  6. So, so cute!!! The pockets look great with the contrasting binding.


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