Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Clothes Sewing Continues

 New tops for the little girls was last week's sewing project.


The shirt that B is wearing is Ottobre Design 01/11 #19, Ice Cream button band.  I used a thin jersey purchased years ago at Hobby Lobby. 

Can I share how much I despise lining stripes up?  Seriously, I wasted hours trying to line them up when I was cutting the pattern out and sewing it together.  And still ended up with the stripes being a tad bit off when it came time to do the hem! 

I skipped doing the button bands on the sleeve edges.  And used lots of spray starch whilst sewing the button band on the front of the shirt.  Spray starch is your friend when working with cheap, thin jersey!


The top M is wearing is the Oliver + S Hopscotch.  I love that pattern!  The size 5 I made up earlier in the year has become too short so I added 2 inches to the sleeves and hem of this one.

The Hopscotch is made from a luscious bamboo french terry.  The fabric is so soft! 

Miss M also needed some new pants.  I love the look of the Clever Charlotte Raven pants but don't have the pattern.  So, I turned to Ottobre Design to find a basic pair of pants to alter.

Ottobre Design 01/10 #13, "Puolukkapuuro" pants

Last fall I made B a pair of these pants and knew I liked the overall fit/shape.  The original pattern has an elastic waistband but I wanted a flat front.   I read through Dana's flat front tutorial to get it clear in my mind what alteration I would need to do.  For these pants, I took out a little width from the front by cutting a wedge of fabric out of the top outseam.  I started about an inch in at the waist  and tapered back out to the pattern piece's outseam opposite of the end of the crotch seam.  Does that make sense?  Here's a picture...

The dotted pencil line shows where I cut the wedge of fabric from.

Pants for M
Excuse the overexposed photo, it was the only way to get those pintucks to pop this morning!

To add the pintucks, I folded the front pattern piece in half, pressed with the iron, and then stitched along the fold.

The little details don't stop at the front!  There are heart pockets on the back.


I traced the hearts from OD 01/09 #19, a skirt that has heart pockets on it. My original plan, before deciding to do the pintucks, was to use the hearts as knee patches like the pants seen here. 


But those pintucks didn't want to be covered up so back pockets they became. 


The pants were made from a brown, uncut cord that I purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I used a size 104 for width and a 110 for length.  M's legs are super long even though she isn't very tall so I went ahead and added 1 1/2 inches to the length.  And I'm glad I did! 


  1. i love the clothes that you sew for your children, they look so professionally done but not too intimidating for a beginner like myself. I'd like to ask though if its worth it to sew some of the more everyday items that you make instead of buying them because it seems like knit fabric is so expensive to be able to build a stash.

  2. Cute shirts and pants! I love the pale pink-and-brown combination. Re: the commenter above, I wanted to buy quality cotton jersey recently and just couldn't bring myself to pay those prices (20 Euros per metre)...

  3. i know right, and i always hear about people finding fabric in thrift stores or through estate sales but i haven't been lucky enough to find anything like that

  4. Amanda, I think the most I ever paid for a yard of knit fabric was around $15usd a yard and that was the City Weekend knit from Liesl Gibson (designer of Oliver + S). It's nice fabric so it's worth the $ and it is possible to find it for less when it's on sale. I'd love some Hilco or Stenzo knits especially the Campan stripes but it's not in my budget. There are knit fabrics out there for a similar price as the cotton wovens though. Chez Ami is a good quality and when they have a sale you can get a good price. Some other places that carry knits at decent prices are The Fabric Fairy, Sewzanne's, and Girl Charlee. The only thing about ordering knits online is sometimes the weight/quality isn't what I expected. I would prefer to buy in person but all we have locally are Jo-ann's and Hancocks. Sometimes, I can find nice knits there but I don't count on it. I have a bunch that I purchased from Hancock's value aisle a couple of months ago that's actually really nice so it's not unheard of.

    I bought the Hobby Lobby pink stripes back when I was first starting to sew with knits. It's not horrible but I've been a bit spoiled sewing with some of the nicer knit fabrics I have.

    I've started to write a novel here!lol Maybe I should put all this in a post at some point?

    Back to your original ?, it's probably not cost effective to sew all the every day clothing if you're buying the fabric specifically to do that. I am fortunate to have a sewing room and space to store fabric. When I come across a good deal and I have the funds to do it, I'll purchase several yards to add to my fabric stash. The 2 tops were both from fabric in my stash but the brown uncut cord was purchased (with a coupon!) specifically for pants for M. Could I find ready-to-wear every day clothes that cost the same or less than the price of the fabric and the time spent making them? Definitely. But I enjoy sewing and creating outfits for my kids and so far, they appreciate it.:)

    Thanks for the sweet compliment!


  5. I love B's expressions! So funny.

    Both the tops are lovely - but also nice basics (and stripes always do that to me too. Ah, well).

    I like the pintucked pant legs. They're sort of 1970s-ish, in a good way (:

  6. Cindy, thanks very much for the advice! It would probably make for a great post, i know that i would be interested. I definitely would continue to make my kids outfits too, my daughter who is 3 gets so excited when she sees a new dress or something that I've made her.

  7. LOVE the shirts (I hear you on the stripes) and the pants are darling. I would have never thought to pintuck the ironed seam without ironing! (My kind of look....ha.)

  8. Love these clothes, very professional looking! I've always wanted to try Ottobre patterns, their stuff is so cute. Thanks for the knit/spray starch tip, I'm filing that away for future reference!


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