Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Brunch with a Cherry on Top

I've really, really been trying to sew from my stash and not purchase any new fabric.  And so far, I've been mostly successful.  My most recent creation was made entirely from my stash...

Cherry Jersey Blouse ottobre design 04/11 #13 and Oliver+S Sunday Brunch skirt

The polka dot was a purchase from within the last 2 years.  I really don't know why I bought it...I have a feeling it was probably on sale!  The rust is an uncut corduroy from Jo-ann Fabric's.  I used it last year to make fall pants for BK.  There wasn't much left over but the color really embodies fall to me so I wanted to use it for something.  I kept pulling patterns I had traced off and laying them on the remaining yardage until I found a skirt that would fit. 

I was unsure what would match but after a look through my stash, I saw that the polka dot jersey with dots of rust, purple, and charcoal would work perfectly.  Bonus:  The purple matches a pair of cords that BK has!

Cherry Jersey Blouse

I had traced the Cherry Jersey Blouse off a few weeks back with no particular project in mind (that's how I roll!).  I like it because it's a little dressier than a typical t-shirt with the frill/ruffle around the neck.  The details get a little lost because of the busy print but it's a cute top.

I used a button from the jar that my mother-in-law gave me over the summer.  BK likes that it's BIG.

I like the keyhole closure in the back.

The best smile I've had from BK in ages!

This is my third time sewing the Sunday Brunch Skirt.  I love the classic look plus it has pockets!  But my favorite part of the pattern is the little kick pleat in the back.

The kick pleat allows little girls to run freely in their skirts.


This new outfit will be what BK wears for Thanksgiving.:)

And is also my other entry for Celebrate Color.


  1. I love it! I still haven't tried that skirt for Sofia but I think I should.
    Love her little smile.

  2. I love this outfit!! Those fabrics are a perfect match and BK looks adorable in them, even without a smile. :) I really like the ruffle on that shirt... Must trace that one off soon.

  3. I really like the top. The fabric looks great with the skirt. Best of all are the facial expressions! Just too funny!!

  4. Isn't it great to get a perfect match from random stash fabrics?

    The outfit is adorable. I like the little pleat in the back, too.

  5. Another great outfit! Very cute!

  6. really cute shirt! i also tell myself not to buy new fabrics and only use my stash, but sometimes i really want something fresh and new. luckily i can go to my mum's stash for that ;)

  7. Thanks, Clio! Heh...I shop my mom's stash too but it's starting to look a bit picked over thanks to me! I have more new fabric on the way too...I couldn't resist some of the cyber monday fabric sales.:)


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