Sunday, November 13, 2011

Using My Pins on Pinterest

I've been on Pinterest for a while now "pinning" like mad.  However, putting said pins into action hasn't happened as much as I'd like.  I'm definitely more a dreamer than a doer!  

K's Jump Rope Dress with a full placket was inspired partially by one of my pins. 

Land's End dress

K, in fact, has been "pinning" all sorts of clothing and wants to my Preteen and Teen Clothing Inspiration board.  I'm able to see what style of clothes she's leaning towards and can hopefully replicate a similar look when I sew her clothes. 

Last night, I put another pinned idea to use.

It started with a jumper that used to be K's. 


It's a velveteen jumper from Gap that's too nice to toss even though K had marked the bodice with a permanent marker.  I'd tried repeatedly over the years (6!) to remove the stain but all I succeeded in doing was lightening it. 

The jumper has been sitting in a basket in my sewing room that's filled with clothes that need mending.  I'd thought to perhaps put an applique of some sort over the stain but inspiration hadn't struck...until last night.


a button caterpillar inspired by Diddle Dumpling


Now, M and B will be able to wear the jumper!


  1. The button caterpillar is a very cute idea! And one that even I could do *L* I tend to shy away from applique as it just scares me. But, buttons I can do :)

  2. So cute! I've been having fun pinning too but not much beyond that. It's how I can get my crafting fix right now though :).

  3. Clever,clever,clever girl! That is gorgeous!
    As for pinning? I am too scared to even look,so many lovely things and my sewing eyes are bigger than my stomach!

  4. Naptime Seamstress, It's definitely easy to do. I've been sick most of the weekend but I grabbed the buttons and thread and was done in no time. There's some other cute ideas out was bicycles with the buttons for the wheels.

    Nicole, Thank you! Pinterest is a time suck but it's nice to use instead of bookmarks. I was forever wanting to reference something I'd bookmarked at home when I was at my parents so this enables me to access my pins anywhere. I'm slowly transferring all my old bookmarks and favorites over there. My sewing eyes are way too big too!;)

  5. That is such a good point! I have dozens of book marks I never get back to!

  6. What a great idea! It's very cute.
    One of ours used a permanent marker on our refrigerater. Button embellishments wouldn't work for that! (although I got it off very gently with a wire dishwashing scratcher pad).

  7. Clever Cindy! I have yet to use my Pinterest account - I can't remember my user name! I'm a bit scared as to how much time I will waste with it too... :-)

  8. Justine, Now that I have it set up, I don't waste too much time on it. I check it every couple of days to see what the people I'm following have put up but I don't search on there.


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