Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2+2 for Chorus

This is K's second year of participating in chorus at her school.  For the winter concert, the kids are to dress in black bottoms and a white button down shirt.  K's shirt from last year (a Burda magazine pattern that Grandma sewed) still fit but her skirt did not.  Time for a new skirt!

Inspired by Nicole's black 2+2 skirt for her Miss Z (okay, totally copied!)

Miss K's chorus skirt is made from black cotton sateen that I picked up from the The Rain Shed when we were in Oregon specifically for a chorus skirt.  It's the 2+2 skirt from Oliver + S in a size 8.

vintage button

The skirt closes at the side with 2 snaps hidden in a placket and a loop and button.  The button is vintage and from my mother-in-law. 


The pleats are stitched down the front the first 5 inches below the waistband.  I also put a black velvet ribbon around the waist like Nicole's.

7th grade chorus

The kids put on a great show.  And bonus, they finished early enough for me to get to P's first basketball practice of the season.:)

Now it's time to begin the Christmas present sewing...


  1. Oh, she looks oh so lovely, Cindy....

  2. Thanks, Justine! When she's all dressed up I'm always taken back at how grown up she's becoming.

  3. She does look lovely! And I have to say I am so impressed you fuzzed out the faces of the other children. Our school just put out a reminder not to post pictures of the entire class singing at Winter Concert on facebook. Posting pictures of your own child is fine just not others. Grace's Winter Concert was last night and there was no parking and it was so crowded. But the kids sang great and we got out on time.

  4. Really lovely. I think she's the best dressed of them all (:

  5. Gorgeous Cindy!
    Goodness she looks smart!


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