Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas Dress & Peek-a-Boo

Version 2 of the Winter Cosy Dress from Ottobre Design:


Miss M took part in her school's Winter Holiday Celebration tonight and needed a red top or dress.  Since she had been wanting a top like BK's purple tunic, I chose to use the same pattern. 

Small changes:

-I skipped using the clear elastic tape except for inside the cowl neck. 

-I lengthened the pattern to make it a dress.

-I added length to the sleeves so that the dress would be good for at least 2 years.

Once again, I upcycled.  The red velour was a no longer worn top from my mom.  As with the purple tunic, I used the existing hems. 


And for the present...

MIP Peek-a-Boo Bag

Using the Peek-a-Boo Bag Tutorial from Make It Perfect, I made a bag to house building blocks that I picked up at a thrift store for BK. 

The fabrics used were all from my stash.  The stripe is a home decor weight that was originally used to recover the seat of K's desk chair 5 years ago.  The heart fabric was used for Valentine tops for the little girls last year.  And the plastic for the window came from packaging on a pair of soccer shin guards.

It's a great bag and a really quick sew.  I had this one made in less than hour. 

MIP Peek-a-Boo Bag

It's all ready to be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree!

Now the question is, Will BK put the blocks away in the bag when she's done playing with them?

Probably not!


  1. I've got to check out that bag tutorial! Cute Christmas dress!

  2. You are so resourceful! Great dress and a great gift.

  3. Love the dress and the bag - and the second pic of MG!

  4. She looks so beautiful in that color! I love how soft and warm it seems.

    The bag-- so cool.


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