Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Rest of the Christmas Sewing

I realized Friday night that the 2 zipper pouches were going to have to be removed from the list if I wanted to get any sleep.  But that's okay 'cause birthday season is starting in three months.

Here's what did get done:

Merry Christmas!
Pajamas for the kids


Giddy Up Nightgowns
Kwik Sew 3105, view A

I lengthened the sleeves an inch since the sleeves on last year's nightgowns are getting a little short.  And I cheated chose to do a rolled hem again on the sleeve edges and the ruffles.  The nightgowns are flannel.  I ran out of the horse fabric while cutting it out and of course, the fabric store no longer had that print.  But I found a good match...the ruffles and the back yokes are cut from it.

Boxer shorts into PJ pants
Ottobre Design 06/11 #37

I lengthened the Boxer Shorts into pants.  They are a size 140 and fit great.  I love the little button fly that closes with 2 orange buttons.  P wears boxer briefs right now (and I'm sure he's delighted that I'm sharing his underwear preferences here) but if he decides to wear "real" boxers this will be a great pattern to use.

Oliver & Otto PJs
Oliver + S Class Picnic Blouse and Ottobre Design 06/09 #39

K's pants are the "Darla" pajama patterns in a size 134.  They have a pretty low rise so I added an inch to the top of the front and back pattern pieces.  I wasn't going to make a top originally.  K has lots of novelty knit shirts that she wears to sleep in.  But there was plenty of the polka dot flannel so I went for it.  I used the Class Picnic Blouse pattern in a size 10.

And the rest...





top to bottom:  K's star inspired by this, M's Gingerbread girl from here, P's Green Bay Packer ornament, and B's candy cane was inspired by these.

I hope you all had a joyous and happy holiday!


  1. Fantastic Work Cindy!
    My head is still spinning,I have not even thought of blogging yet!

    Merry Christmas!
    xxxx Nicole

  2. Good for you ... you got it all done! Well, except for the zip pouches; minor detail.
    The Pj's look fantastic and so do the smiles. Love the little ornaments as I'm sure your children do too.
    Well done Cindy!!

  3. Thanks, Nicole! It was one of those...get it blogged now or never. I've also been cleaning up the sewing room and such so this was one of those loose ends I wanted to tie up.

    MyNorth, Heh...Can't clear my list completely or else I won't have anything to do! Thanks, the ornaments were a hit. Every year they look forward to seeing what ones they get.

  4. Wow you got so much finished! I never even made it to pjs! Good work.

  5. Very, very nice pj's! And cute ornaments. Nice work.

    We had a joyous Christmas too! :-)

  6. That's a lot of beautiful sewing, they look so happy in their pj's. The ornaments are a great idea.

  7. They all look suitably impressed with their new pyjamas. Great job on all of them!!!


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