Monday, December 5, 2011

Sprout for 2

Once upon a time, I had a little girl who would only wear dresses.  How I wish I had had the Make It Perfect Sprout dress pattern back then!

That little girl is now 12 years old and doesn't wear dresses very often. But she has 2 little sisters who were in need of new finery for every day wear.

MIP Little Sprout x 2

First up is Miss BK's dress...


Her dress is a pink floral print fine wale corduroy from Hancock Fabrics that is lined in white flannel, courtesy of a generous lady from church who no longer sews and passed on all her supplies to me.


The dress has a hood and is fully lined.


The front has a keyhole opening that is fastened with an elastic loop and a button.


And there are pockets!  Perfect for keeping chilly hands warm or for stashing treasures.


Daddy's pick up truck makes the perfect place to stand!

Sprout for MG

Miss M was being a little cheeky for picture taking.  Usually, she's my tried and true model.  Not so, this time!

MIP Sprout for MG

Perhaps that was because she lost another front tooth!
All I want for Christmas...

MG's dress was made from a purple, butterfly print fine wale corduroy and lined with an aqua polka dot flannel.  Both were purchased at Jo-Ann Fabric's Black Friday sale. 


Both dresses are a size 5.  According to the measurement chart here, MG could have worn a 3 and BK a 4.  However, I'm lazy and only wanted to trace one size off and didn't want to worry about sleeve and hem lengths.  These dresses will definitely last the winter and might just fit next year too!

As far as construction, I did not finish or neaten my seams as directed since the dress is fully lined.  I chose to press them open instead.  Also, I understitched the pocket openings to keep the pocket bags from rolling out. 

The girls approve of their new dresses.  This morning, MG told me at breakfast that she loved her new dress and that it is so warm.  "I must be pretty special to get a beautiful dress like that."  Yes dear, you are!


  1. These look so cute and comfy! It's too bad my 5 year old needs to wear snow pants to school all the time - it makes wearing dresses a bit of a pain.

  2. So, so cute! I really like them. My girls would love such cute and comfortable dresses too.

  3. Very special indeed!

    You were wise to size up - I should have when I made Lucy's dress - she didn't wear it very often as it was hard to get on/off. Next one will be bigger!

  4. Justine, These go on and off quite easily. They even fit over the head before I stitched/cut the keyhole opening on the front!

  5. I love her sweet comment! She is special! My son said the same thing when i finished his flame hoodie.

    These look fantastic! I love that they are so warm!

  6. Both dresses are adorable. I really like corduroy and dresses with hoods (I guess I'm not the ball gown type???).

    M's comment is great. Although they can't usually articulate it well, I think our kids do appreciate the value of their mom-sewn items.

  7. These are perfect for playing outside in chilly weather and of course girls LOVE pockets almost as much as purses!
    I can't wait to see what you make next!

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  8. These are beautiful and I love that they are warm for winter! My 4 year old is in the "only wear dresses" phase too. I'm going to have to check this pattern out!

  9. They are really cute! I love all the cozy details. Perfect dresses for winter!

  10. These are absolutely darling...I love the hoods and the button front details!

  11. Thanks, Nicole!

    Tara, Thank You! I'm hoping they get a lot of wear this winter.

    Elizabeth, Thanks! Our neighbor commented that they are like little red riding hood dresses.:)

  12. These look great - so colourful and fun. I've made many Sprout dresses for my three girls and they are a huge hit here too - so snuggly and warm.

  13. i didn't know about make it perfect patterns, thanks for clueing me in! that dress is perfect for these colder months!!!


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