Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clever Charlotte Raven Pants

Mending is not my favorite thing to do. 

Most clothes that need to be mended end up outgrown before they are fixed.  I dearly love the Nightingale Tunic I sewed in 2010 but the zipper broke at some point and the top was tucked into my mending basket.  There it languished until my early January sewing room clean out. 

Luckily, the tunic still fits!

The original matching pants were outgrown by both girls in early 2011.  But I did have just enough leftover dark blue corduroy in my stash to make a new pair of pants. 

Close Up of Raven Pants

This pair is the same size (4 with 5 length) as the khaki pair I shared previously.  I did do 1/4" seams to allow BK's rounder body a little more room.  She doesn't need the extra length like MG so these pants have a 2" hem.


I placed the pockets (view 2, I believe) on the back and did them with a lining similar to the Oliver + S Sandbox pants' back pockets.

Recognize the lining fabric?

Plenty of room to play in these pants!


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  1. Good on you for mending! Me too (about leaving it until it's too small.) Like the pants too!

  2. She is so adorable,I wish she could come to play!

  3. That shirt is a beautiful compliment to the pants! Great action shots of the pants!

  4. Nicole, I wish she could too!

    Erin, Thank you! I love the pants pattern...it's a quick sew but very cute.

  5. That's such an adorable outfit! I made this tunic three times (two as gifts); it's one of my all-time favorite patterns.

  6. Thank You, Uta! I love the tunic but have only made one. I'm glad that I fixed it so it could be worn more!

  7. Thanks, Teri! MG wore the exact same outfit yesterday.:)

  8. Well, I suppose you can't add ruffles to ALL of the pants they've outgrown (:
    I try to make myself mend or alter one thing after every new garment I sew. Even doing that, the mending bin is always full. ???


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