Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Daisy Mae" Dress

Since the first season of Project Run & Play, I've been reading along with interest.  It's been fun to see how each contestant interprets the weekly theme.  There have been many beautiful designs showcased. 

This time around, PR&P has an At Home Sew Along contest.  Week 1 is a pattern remix challenge using the Junebug Dress pattern/tutorial.   I'm playing along this week since I've had the Junebug Dress on my to-sew list since the tutorial was first shared last summer. 

Here's my pattern remix:


Daisy Mae Dress

The Details:

Scalloped Bodice with golden yellow piping and daisy buttons

Sleeve Detail of Daisy Mae Dress
Petal Sleeves

Hem Detail
Scalloped Hem accented with Daisy Buttons

Puff sleeves and a FULL skirt

The dress is a midnight blue cotton/lycra poplin.  I made the piping from a yellow floral quilting cotton and narrow cord.  The bodice has been resized from a 2T/3T to approximately a 5.  I used Ottobre Design 01/10 #15 (Vaahtokarkki blouse) to resize the bodice and for the basis of my sleeves.  I redrew the sleeve shape so that the front and back were the same and added length.  For the petal detail on the sleeve hems, I used a tutorial from No Big Dill.  I drew the scallops along the angled part of the bodice flap pattern.

For the dress skirt I used the full width of my fabric...all 50" of it.  That means the circumference of the hem minus seam allowances is 98".  Perfect for dancing!


BK is wearing a petticoat under the skirt to help accent the fullness. 


Here's a picture of what the dress looks like minus the petticoat...


I much prefer the full look.  Of course, that's coming from a girl who wore a hoop skirt under her wedding dress.:)


I used a tutorial from the Coletterie for the scalloped hem. 


Wonders of Wonders, the Green Bay Packer Cheesehead coordinates perfectly!

Go Pack, Go!

All kidding aside, BK loves the dress.  This morning she begged to wear her blue dress and was quite put out when I made her wait until after breakfast.  After posing for pictures earlier in the day, she's still wearing it.  Gotta love that!




  1. Outstanding!
    The scallops, daisy buttons, yellow piping ... everything makes this dress absolutely outstanding.
    And I just love the blue and yellow toe polish. Nice touch!

  2. Thank you, Deb! BK and I had a lot of fun getting ready for the "photo shoot". She was the one who wanted alternating colors on her toes!

  3. Oh, wow, this dress is spectacular! You did an amazing job. Love, love all those daisies and LOVE the sleeves. Enjoy watching your little girl in something you made. (That's always a great feeling isn't it?!)

  4. Fun!
    (and Tilly wants a cheese head)!

  5. Nicole, The cheese head was part of P's Christmas presents. It was one of the few things he asked for that wasn't a video game. Tell Tilly she can have one as long as she promises to be a lifetime Green Bay Packer fan!:)

  6. That is one fabulous dress!! And BK looks great. You got some wonderful shots of her.

  7. What a gorgeous dress with all those beautiful details! and that last picture is so sweet. It looks like the model was very cooperative this time :-)

  8. This dress is incredible! Such attention to details!

  9. This is a beautiful dress! Love the scallops and the contrast piping!

  10. All gorgeous, Cindy - the dress , the styling, the photos.....I love the last shot

  11. Thank you, Justine! I didn't even know she'd made a heart with her fingers until I uploaded the pictures.:)

  12. Wow, this is impressive. All the details are wonderful - I especially like the petal sleeves.

  13. What a lucky little girl to have such a talented mom. :-) I love all the wonderful details, especially the scalloped hem.

  14. What a lot of work that dress must have been, but the result is spectacular!

  15. This dress is stunning and I love it!!! I have been following PR& Play too. I hope your dress gets noticed over on their Flickr group because it should definitely be featured!

  16. WOW!!! An amazing dress!!! I especially like the scalloped bodice with the piping. The blue and yellow is a striking combination. Thanks for all the links. I'd love for you to share this at my linky that's exclusively for girls' dresses...

  17. I so love the scallops and the little daisies! What a pretty dress.

  18. Hahahaha I laughed so hard when I saw the Cheesehead picture! This dress is adorable with the scallops and daisies and piping. And can I just say that the nerd in me appreciates the use of petal sleeves on a flower dress? Love it.

  19. Gabrielle, Thanks! The dress was a bit more labor intensive than most of my projects but it was worth it.:)

    Cation Designs, It's all about the Pack here! Thank you...of course a daisy dress has to have petal sleeves.:)

  20. Oh my goodness, so much detail and thought went into this gorgeous dress and you can see she loves the results!

  21. Hi Cindy, I've featured your dress today...

  22. Hi Cindy, I've featured the Daisy Mae dress again today...

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