Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello Horsey!


I usually don't have much luck finding really nice fabric at the 2 local chain fabric stores.  But for some reason, this fall Hancock Fabrics value aisle was very good to me. 

Not only did I find the knit print that I used for myself but I got some cream colored baby rib knit that's super soft.  The bolt said it was 100% cotton but it's so soft and drapes so nice that I think there's a bit of rayon in it. 


The shirt is Ottobre Design 01/03 #16 in a size 98 with 2 inches add to the bottom and sleeve hems for my fast growing girl.  Those pants are from 6 weeks ago.  You heard me right, 6 weeks ago those pants were brand new and fit fine, even a little on the long side.  Now they, along with almost all of MG's other pants are becoming too short.  Seriously kid, stop growing so fast! 


The horse head is from this pin.  I used the freezer paper to make the stencil.  2 coats of fabric paint later and a little felt and ribbon, I ended up with a winner:

Progress on the Equestrian Tee

I'll leave you with a bit of horse show ribbon trivia for you...

First place in the US and Australia is a blue ribbon but in Canada and Britain it's a red ribbon which is traditionally 2nd place in the US and AUS.

eta:  Uta over at little el is doing a Fabric Embellishment-Along if you're interested in participating.  I'll be joining in as I have a stencil planned for a top for P.


  1. My kids, especially Margot, is growing so fast too. I have to let down her After School Pants- luckily they have a big hem. Grace is growing out of her shirts.

    But this shirt is great. I've gotta try fabric painting.

  2. The shirt turned out very cute!
    Don't you wish you could just pause time for a bit? I guess we've just got to enjoy every moment!

  3. The pants are gorgeous. Insane how quickly they grow, isn't it!? My Miss M woke up the other morning and announced she had grown overnight. She said she felt taller. It was probably true!

    I love the horsey shirt! And what an interesting bit of trivia!!

  4. That is sooo adorable! I hope my stencil turns out half as nice. May I link to this on my blog?

  5. I love the freezer stencil! I have always wanted to try that. 98 runs big in Ottobre. I thought that was like a size 2? ill keep that in mind. I love their kids patterns.

  6. That top is so wonderful, what a great idea, and she's really growing fast!

  7. Thank you, Christephi! Yes, it's crazy how fast they grow. I finished a pair of pants for my son yesterday and made sure to hem them long. They had better fit for more than 6 weeks!

  8. Adorable!

    They do grow quickly and in spurts. It's taking me quite by surprise sometimes.

  9. Really love this, it has all come together to make such a lovely top. And I hear ya on the fast growing kids!

  10. Lotta, I'm overdue to go through and measure everyone again as I have a feeling all the kids have gone through growth spurts.

    Claire, Thank you!

  11. What a fun, embellished stencil. My 9 year old just said, "That's cool!"
    I've just remeasured my boys and the girls are next. One grew at least at inch since Thanksgiving.


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