Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kick Flip

Kick Flip Hoodie

This week is Boys Week at Project Run & Play.  I didn't have to think long and hard to come up with an outfit for P.  This one has been on the list to do since early fall!

Kick Flip Outfit

Back of Outfit

Skater Hoodie

Top:   I used an Ottobre Design pattern (04/05 #34) for the Hoodie. I made a size 140 but comparing it to other shirts that P wears I ended up adding 2 inches to the overall length. The light colored fabric is a french terry and the darker brown is a merino wool jersey. The pattern does not have a lined hood but I personally prefer having one so I used the merino wool jersey to line it. I also used a fun stitch called the flatlock for the hems and to topstitch where the hood is attached to the shirt. The skater doing a flip kick is from Ottobre Design 01/08. I made it into a freezer paper stencil and used the same paint that I used for M's horse shirt.

Kick Flip Outfit Details
Nitty Gritty Details


Pants:  I used the Oliver + S Sandbox Pants pattern in a size 8 (the biggest size).  I added lots of length and did 1/4" seams instead of 1/2".  They are made from a cotton twill.  I used the leftover red sailboat print from the Explorer Vest I made for my nephew for the waistband and pocket linings.  Knees always wear out in pants (that is if they're not outgrown first) so I reinforced them with another layer of fabric.  I had planned on doing a flat fell seam on the outside of the pants but since I was doing 1/4" seams my seams were too narrow.  Instead, I did a faux flat fell.


The pants should hold up to P riding his Ripstick...


and playing basketball!


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  1. You've really done an outstanding job on this outfit, Cindy.

  2. What a great outfit! I love the topstitching (I thought you had a coverstitch machine when I saw the pictures) and the stencil is fun!

  3. The outfit looks great!
    Can you please post a tutorial on how you made the skater on the hoodie? Your's looks so professional. I need a lesson!

  4. Great looking outfit. I'm my 9yo would love it. The fancy stitching looks really nice too. Something's broken in my regular machine and it won't do the fancy stitches - I'd have to resort to the girls' small sewing machine.

  5. Thank you, Justine! I need to make a point to sew more for P.

    Deb, I'll make a point of doing another stencil sometime this month and do a post on it. It's really straight forward.:) Thanks!

  6. Such attention to detail!!! Your outfit is so professionally sewn. Fabulous idea to reinforce the knees and the skater just finishes it off perfectly.

  7. That's fantastic, the whole outfit looks so well made and so boyish. I am especially impressed with those pants!

  8. Thank you, Gabrielle! He wore the pants to church yesterday and said he prefers them to jeans as they are way more comfortable. I guess I better get around to grading the pattern up a size and make more pants for him.:)

  9. You made a very cool outfit and one a boy this age actually would want to wear! Not easy.

  10. Really great boy clothes, I love the hem stitch you used. I have it on the long finger to sew some tops like this for my boys!

  11. It's not easy to find a pants pattern that's a slim fit like this one. I might have to invest in the Oliver + S pattern. Thanks for linking up all of your fabulous boys' outfits...

  12. I know it has been a while since you posted these, but I just love how great these look on your boy! Is he regularly a size 8? I really like the way these fit him!


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