Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last Week's Sewing

I didn't participate in last week's Project Run & Play  challenge of Sewing through the Decades.  I'm really trying to sew clothes that the kids will wear every day and the only ideas I could come up with were more costume-y.  I do have something up my sleeve for this week though.

On to last week's sewing...

I added a ruffle to a pair of Neat Beat pants (Ottobre Design 06/09 #17) so that they fit M.  I sewed these a few months ago (my mom did the embroidery) but with M's growth spurt they were starting to get a little high water on her.  And they don't look right on B's rounder figure.  I sacrificed a pair of shorts made from the same denim since I had no scraps left. 

Stretch Denim Puppet Show

I was never really happy with this particular pair of shorts anyways.


Next up, is a simple alteration to a wool coat I bought  from Target for next to nothing.  Thank you clearance racks!  The sleeves were just a little too short for my liking.  I ripped out the stitching holding the lining to the sleeve and dropped the sleeve 1 1/2" and then hand stitched the sleeve and lining back together.  Since this not-so-flattering photo of me, I have fixed the other sleeve.  

Amanda Blouse, Ottobre Design 06/07 #15, size 104

The little girls needed a white blouse to wear under a hand-me-down sweater jumper of K's.  I asked my mom to use her fancy embroidery machine once again to add flowers to the peter pan collar in the colors of the jumper.   

Amanda Blouse


Miss M wore the outfit to church today

Lastly, a pair of Clever Charlotte Raven pants for M.

Raven Pants

I made a size 4 with a size 5 length as I'm tired of having MG outgrow her pants within weeks of me making them.  Hopefully, this pair will make it until summer!  I used leftover twill from P's Sandbox Pants and didn't have quite enough left over to make the waistband facing and pocket linings.  A scrap from M's Swingset Tunic from a couple of years ago came in handy for that.

Waistband of Raven Pants

I'm happy with my first pattern from Clever Charlotte.  I have 2 more pairs in queue, one in a dark blue cord and another in a teal cord.  We'll see if I get to them this week!


  1. Looks like you had a busy week sewing.
    Hems looks good on both the pants and jacket sleeves. Clever idea with the blue jean hems.
    Really like the blouse with embroidery and the Clever Charlotte looks terrific. Anxious to learn how the pattern works using corduroy.
    You've given me inspiration to get back to my sewing projects. Thanks!

  2. That's such a great week of sewing, I could do with being as productive! I love your coat.

  3. You were a busy Mamma! Doesn't it feel so good to see what you've accomplished. I love how you and your Mom sew together on projects.

  4. I actually think it is a very attractive photo of you!
    Great sewing!

  5. Deb, It works great using corduroy! I really like the Raven pattern...the hoodie is next on my list.

    Thanks, Nicole! You're too kind.:)

    Justine, I need to wrap up winter sewing so I can get started on the spring/summer stuff.

  6. You've been sewing up a storm lately - I wish I could say the same! I haven't heard of Clever Charlotte patterns, but the pants are adorable. I like the ruffled neat beat pants idea; my 5yo is about to grow out her pair.


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