Monday, January 2, 2012

My First Coat

Hello 2012!

K coat

The Details: 
  • Ottobre Design 06/07 #36 "Donny" Duffle Coat
  • size 134 with a length of 152
  • Marine Blue Wool Melton from Fabric Mart
  • Toggles from M&J Trimming
  • Quilted lining made from Thinsulate and off white lining fabric


I started this coat back in November after several emails to Millie who is a coat making guru!  Last year, she made some awesome coats for her children and herself.  The coat she made for her son was the Dennis Duffle which is the exact same coat except it's the smaller size range.

My questions ranged from what size to make, how to add a zipper, and were the pockets interlined?  She also gave me a very important piece of advice...the hood is too small.  She recommended that I bring the front of the hood forward 2 inches so that it would cover K's entire head.  Thank you Millie for all your help!

The other change I did was to cut the back lining in one piece instead of piecing it together like the outside of the coat.

After I got over my initial fear, the coat went together pretty smoothly.  The most difficult part was quilting the thinsulate and lining fabric.  That was some seriously tedious sewing! 

I'm done!!!!

The coat was finished just in time.  Today was a balmy 65F but it looks like winter will be arriving in the next few days.  I hope the coat is warm enough!


  1. For a first coat you did a tremendous job! It looks good on and fits perfectly. Well done!
    You've given me inspiration to attempt a duffle coat too.

  2. Thank you! It was nerve wracking cutting into the wool and thinsulate/lining. I've never spent so much on fabric!

  3. Oh's gorgeous! It fits her beautifully and the colour is lovely on her. How kind of you to say all of that....but I have spent all of Christmas with a piece of wool-mix fabric (for a coat for Maeve) sitting in my sewing room...too scared to cut it!!!

  4. I'm so impressed! lt looks wonderful!

  5. What a gorgeous coat; I love how the color brings out her eyes! I recently researched RTW girls' coats online - you would have spents hundreds on this in the store. Well done!

  6. Thank you, Uta! It was a good experience...I'm glad I tried it!

  7. It's a fantastic coat, Cindy - perfect stitching, and the colour is perfect for K

  8. Very, very nice, Cindy! I'm so impressed! The toggles look perfect.

  9. Its beautiful Cindy and so is your daughter!

  10. Justine, I don't think I could have picked a more perfect color for her. Thanks!

    Nicole, Thank You! The coat has been worn twice so far. My fingers are crossed that she doesn't grow any taller this winter.:)

  11. It's beautiful! I'd love to wear it myself (: Hopefully the other girls will get to wear it, too, so you can enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor for more than one season.

  12. Wow! This looks so perfect for her! Great've got skills.

  13. WOW!!! Looks SO professionally sewn, Cindy!!! You are amazing!!! I still have a Duffle coat, that I bought, just like this one... I love the style.


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