Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Last PR&P Sewalong At Home Entry

It's been fun playing along at home with Project Run and Play.  I pushed myself with the design and details of the Daisy Mae dress.  And I enjoyed being able to sew an entire outfit for my oft neglected son during Boys Week.  I skipped last week's challenge and will not be doing the final week's Special Occasion clothing challenge either.  I'm staying true to my promise of only sewing what my kids' need.  And they definitely don't need any more fancy clothing!

This week is Outerwear week.  The little girls needed another windbreaker type jacket and I just so happened to have a specific pattern in mind.  Plus, I had suitable fabric aging in my stash.

Without further ado...

Lil' Red Riding Jacket
Lil' Red Riding Jacket

I used an Ottobre Design Pattern (01/05 #10).  The pattern only goes up to a size 98 so I added 2 inches to the sleeves and to the overall length.  Otherwise, I followed the pattern exactly.


The jacket has a hood and is fully lined thus reversible.  There are 2 front pockets on each side and a cute little belt detail on the back of the red side.


The jacket closes with buttons down the front.


The outer fabric is red 2 Ply Taslan which I purchased from The Rain Shed while in Oregon.  


The lining fabric is from Hilco and is a water resistant poplin.  I purchased this from Dots N Stripes and it was a remnant.  I didn't have quite enough fabric to do 2 full sleeves out of it so I improvised and used the Taslan for the upper sleeves.  I wouldn't choose to wear the jacket this side out but my girls might.:)


BK does in fact prefer this side out.

Lil' Red Riding Jacket

But Miss M is all about the red!


  1. I really love this jacket, Cindy.....maybe this is the Ottobre I should buy first! The fabric you've used is perfect

  2. Jacket looks terrific!
    Nice belt detail and the lining improv looks good too.
    I was wondering if you were going to do another Cindy creations for PR&P. No more wondering!
    I still haven't got my sewing mojo back yet but seeing your work is providing great inspiration.
    Oh, and just love the model too. She's just too cute!

  3. It's really lovely Cindy! Maybe I should look at this pattern for my girls. It suits both your girls so well!

  4. It's a beautiful coat, Cindy! A job well done. My girls would love it too.

  5. This jacket is beautiful and so bright and happy! It makes me want spring and flowers and bunnies...sigh can you tell i'm done with winter already.

  6. Justine, I'm not sure how long we've had that issue, but I've always wanted to make the jacket. In the magazine, it's sewn up in a bubble gum pink twill with stripes on the inside. I searched high and low for a similar color pink twill and could never find it. I'm glad I finally made it up in something different because the pattern only goes up to a 98 and the little girls are truly in a 104 or even a 110 now.

    Thanks, Deb! Yep, once last hurrah then maybe on to some sewing for myself. Or those slipcovers I've been talking about making for over 2 years now!

    Nicole, Definitely! With the unwinter like weather we've been having, a light weight jacket is needed. Poor K hasn't been able to wear her winter coat at's been too hot!

    Thank You, Amanda! Yes, I'm longing for spring too. Though here on the East Coast it's been rather mild. I'm hoping that doesn't mean that February and March are going to be freezing cold.

  7. That is so pretty! I love true red and light blue together, such happy colors.

  8. Thank you, Uta! I and light blue pair together so well.:)

  9. What a stunning coat! I saw your project at Run & Play. I hope you stop by and link up Saturday at my sewing only link up. P.S. P.S. Love your blog!

  10. This is just stunning - I love these colours and what neat work too! What lucky kids you have... I still have yet to make my kids any outerwear but this definitely draws me nearer!

  11. It's a gorgeous coat, and I love the lining fabric. I can't remember seeing it on the website. It's a great idea to make it reversible, so M and B get a choice in how to wear it.

  12. Your coats are beautiful and so are your girls. Isn't it great when a challenge fits into your plans and stash!

  13. this came out so cute!!!! I love the bright red you chose, you will get tons of use of that coat here, it is perfect for the weather we have been having!

  14. Another great style!!! Looks great!!! I really must investigate Ottobre patterns...


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