Wednesday, February 1, 2012

70 degrees and BK

Yes, it is February 1st but it feels more like April 1st!  BK wanted to go to the beach but instead I made her pose for pictures of the Little Things to Sew Bear Carrier that is destined to be one of MG's birthday presents in March.  
LTTS carrier

I had plans to sew this up eventually but wasn't planning on tackling it in January even though it was the project of the month in A Little Gray's LTTS Sewalong.  But then I looked at the fabric requirements and realized I could use up some of my larger scraps.  The stripe fabric is a home decor weight that I used for my everything tote and the dots are left over from MG's Family Reunion dress.


Buttercup the Webkinz  Chihuahua fits in the carrier.  Though I do think one of his companions with longer legs might fit a little better.


The straps criss cross nicely in the back so that the carrier stays secure.

LTTS Carrier

A larger doll (or animal) fits even better.  This baby is 18" tall.  There are two sets of buttons to adjust the height depending on who is riding in the carrier.  On this one, I put 3 different patches of velcro so that the width could be adjusted.


I think I'll be sewing another one of these for BK's birthday in May.

And one last gratuitous photo of my little grumpy girl wearing the Amanda blouse and jumper on Sunday...



  1. That last photo is priceless! Life is so rough, isn't it? :-) Little do they know...

    Like your bear carrier. I'd love to make one, but I have some other more important things in the queue first. I will make one before my little ones' birthdays in April though.

  2. Brrr, give the girl a jacket! It's around 17F here... Só cold!
    Love the carrier! My daughters birthday is in August. I think she would like one too. Where's you order-form? :)

  3. LOVE the stripes and dots together. What a great gift. fabulous!

  4. straps do cross over? i am so silly! its lovely cindy,can she keep a secret?

  5. As you know in Google Reader the photos in the posts are small. So the photo of the bear carrier looked EXACTLY like a jock strap upon first glance. ROFL!
    And speaking of hockey jock straps, it's so warm here too that the lake ice is melting and unsafe to skate on.
    Bear carrier is sweet, but not as sweet as the last photo.
    Love the caterpillar buttons too!

  6. The carrier looks so cute! Nice fabric combo!

  7. Oh my goodness- that last photo is just too sweet.

  8. What a cute little bear carrier!!!

  9. Nicole, Yep, they do! I was almost found out yesterday. I had left the carrier on the guest bed and that room is where the little girls play dress up. I heard them up there and quickly snatched the carrier up and hid it. BK started to say something but I shushed her and distracted her with the promise of a treat downstairs. I'm hoping out of sight will mean out of mind!

  10. Deb, Hilarious! I guess I better not put it in P's sports equipment drawer...though, I suppose he would be put off by the bright colors.:)

  11. Nice job! I love the "personality" in that first photo :)

  12. So cute. My younger girls would love this.

  13. that grumpy photo is hilarious! Your fabric choices for the carrier are perfect Cindy, love the dots and striped together!

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