Friday, February 10, 2012

Not so Basic Sweatpants

Sometimes, I'll get a new issue of Ottobre Design and it'll sit.  Not that I don't like the patterns that are in there...they are just not what the kids need need right then. 

But the latest issue (01/12) filled an immediate need.  More pants for MG!

 Ottobre Design 01/12 #23 "All-Time Favorite Cargo Sweatpants"

The fabric is left over sweatshirt fleece from K's Saija sweatpants.  MG likes soft pants but doesn't really like to wear leggings.  These were a happy compromise as they are soft and warm with a slim fit but not as tight as leggings.  This pair is a 104 in width and a whopping 122 in length.  I was taking no chances on these being outgrown in a week!


I liked the details on these, especially the cargo pockets on the side of the legs.  The pocket bags in front and the lining of the cargo flaps are yellow dotted City Weekend interlock. 


Miss M is all ready to go run and play!


And little sister had to get in on the fun this morning...


  1. They are a nice fit! I have some tall, slim girls too.

  2. Those look great! So much nicer than baggy sweatpants but they look so comfy still. I'm sure my girls would love them too!

  3. These look so comfy... I want a pair for myself!

    1. Thanks, Uta! They would be nice to have, wouldn't they?:)

  4. The cargo styling is really fun on these. And even with all that extra length added, they don't look terribly long!

  5. The pockets are great... I also like the way that they're quite fitted.

    1. Thank you, Caroline! I like that they are fitted too, especially on Miss Slim MG.:)


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