Monday, March 12, 2012

Stink Eye

Urban Dictionary defines stink eye as a "surfer term meaning a glare or lingering dirty look".  As you can see, it's something I'm very familiar with...

Stink Eye...

BK is an expert at giving the stink eye.  One might say it's her most common look. 

Last summer, Gymboree had a little swing top with a dog, girl, and a surfboard.  I really loved the top and would have purchased it in an instant but it was only available in their baby sizes that go up to a 5T.  BK might only be 4 but she's my giant and baby sizes don't fit.

Luckily, I have an absolutely awesome mom with some mad sewing/embroidery/crafting skills.  She digitized the image with a few minor changes and embroidered a RTW shirt following BK's color choices for the dog, girl, and surfboard.


It's the perfect shirt for my own little surfer girl.  Thanks, Mom!

I know it seems a little quiet around siestas & sewing lately.  Never fear, I have been doing some insane sewing in anticipation of our trip to Florida.  Keep your eyes pealed for the big reveal(s).:)


  1. I've come to enjoy your daughters stink eye as much as your sewing reveals! Just about every photo you take is truly priceless.
    Oh, and great job your mom did on the t-shirt!

    1. Aw, Thanks Deb! I'm getting ready to take some more pics of BK wearing a shirt I made on Monday...we'll see if I get the same looks.:)

  2. Love the tee - and love the face!

  3. What is so impressive about your daughter's stink eye is that her face is still perfect! When I get the stink eye from Maia, it encompasses the whole face in displeasure and renders the photo unusable. And she'd be slithering down those stairs.

  4. You make me laugh! Your mom did a great job on the embroidery. Cute shirt!

  5. Your Mom is amazing! Can't wait to see the big reveal too!

  6. How can you not love the stink eye when it come from those baby blues...
    Great job on the embroidery, very surfer girl indeed!


  7. Wow, that's some amazing embroidery!
    And I love the stink eye. We have one who does that. I just wish she wouldn't do it in public so much (:


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