Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweatpants for an Active Girl

Ever since I made MG's cargo sweatpants, K has been asking for a pair.  She was in luck...Ottobre Design 01/12 has a similar pattern for a big girl (or boy!). 

"Cheveyo" Cargo Sweatpants
Ottobre Design 01/12 #31 "Cheveyo" cargo sweatpants, size 146 with added length

Her dad's sweatpants were safe this time.  I bought several pairs of clearance marked 14-16 boy's sweatpants to cut into.  One pair for the front and back legs and part of another pair for the pockets. 

The pocket bags, inside of the cargo flaps, and the tie are a striped cotton lycra knit.  I had a minor uh-oh moment with the cargo pockets...I forgot to add seam allowances to the edges so there wasn't enough to turn under and stitch.  My remedy--fold the flaps out and zig zag stitch them to the pants.

 The casing for the elastic is done in a neat way.  You fold over the top of the pants and then do a flatlock stitch on the right side.  That covers/finishes the inside seam allowance. 

Like MG's pair, I chose not to do buttonholes for the tie and instead tacked it on to the front of the pants.  I was able to reuse the elastic from the original pair of pants. 


Perfect pants for an ACTIVE (and silly!) girl.


  1. They look great on her, Cindy - not to mention comfy!

    1. Thanks, Justine! She's so funny...some days she's all put together smartly and other days it's all about sweatpants and a hoodie.:)

  2. A gorgeous gorgeous girl and only a tiny bit silly!

  3. These are really cute and look really comfortable!
    (Project Run & Play)


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