Thursday, April 26, 2012

PR&P: Earth Day Challenge

I'm all for upcycling (using clothing/linens for your fabric) but this challenge wasn't the easiest for me.  See, I recently got rid of a bunch of clothes that I had set aside for upcycling.  I've been on a clean up and clear out kick recently and that pile of clothing was one of the first to go. 

 I did save one lonely shirt  though.

A Docker button down that was John's.  He had this shirt when we first started dating 16 years ago.  It still fits him and is in great shape but he was tired of it (as was I).  But it was too nice to just toss.  I knew I'd find a use for it eventually.

And that is making an Oliver + S Hopscotch skirt from it!  I was able to use the existing button placket which cut down on sewing time.  And since John is a tall man (6' 5") I had plenty of fabric to cut the pockets from.  There's still some shirt left....perhaps the scraps will become the yoke of a Badminton Top one day.

In the mending pile, I found a red rib knit shirt that I had made P some time ago that he didn't particularly care for.  I was able to cut a bolero (Ottobre Design 03/10 #9 'Lemon Juice') from it.  I omitted the frills on the sleeves and chose not to put elastic in the sleeve hems.  BK doesn't like things that are tight around her arms. 

The skirt and the bolero paired with a RTW white shirt and saltwater sandals makes a casual but fun outfit.  Perfect for dinner al fresco at Waterman's.

BK was a trooper for photos today.  It was raining!  It seems like every Thursday it's either overcast or raining.  I need to finish my challenge submissions earlier in the week from now on.:)  The skirt and bolero were also part of my KCWC sewing.



  1. Cah-ute! It never even crossed my mind to do a hopscotch from a button down shirt! I will have to revisit my pile...

    1. It's not hard to do...though, I think I could have worked out a better way to finish the top of the placket. I'm going to have John look through his closest and see if there's any other shirts he wants to get rid of!;)

  2. This outfit is really creative and the outcome is, as I've said before, fabulous.
    The pockets line up perfectly with the background stripe and the lettuce edge on the bolero is a sweet detail. The whole outfit looks really good!
    Curious about the piano, though.

  3. I love this set - the colours look lovely on BK. And Miss R is rather taken with the bolero....

  4. The skirt turned out so cute and I love that you can have such a great memory attached to a new piece of clothing for your girls. I might have to take the white linen shirt that I have in my refashion pile and make it into a summer hopscotch for my older daughter.

  5. Oh man Cindy, that old shirt and that skirt pattern are a GENIUS pairing. Match made in heaven!

  6. Fabulous outfit! I love it.

  7. A button down skirt from a shirt - it's perfect, and the shirt fabric is beautiful. Gorgeous outfit, and perfect poses!


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