Saturday, May 19, 2012


My little girl is officially 13 years old. 

don't adjust your screen, the cake is in fact leaning!lol

We had an impromptu celebration at the house with hot dogs followed by cake and ice cream.  The cake was inspired by a pin that has been making the rounds.  No by scratch baking was all from a box with a little food coloring thrown in.

K did get one present that was homemade...a summer pajama set. 

Ottobre Design PJ Top
Ottobre Design 06/09 #38
Ottobre Design PJ Shorts
Ottobre Design 06/09 #39

The tank top is a pink jersey (leftovers from BK's Badminton Skort).  I didn't realize that I wouldn't have enough fabric until I had already cut out the back.  So, I improvised and pieced the front together using a flatlock stitch.  I also eliminated the gores that are on the original pattern.  This is the same pattern (altered) that I used for the top of K's OBX dress.  One last addition is the ribbing at the hem.

The shorts are the Darla pajama pants pattern.  I made them shorts length and used a facing for the inner waistband instead of folding the top of the shorts/pants over to make a casing.  This gave them a little more depth to the crotch which I feel runs short in this pattern.  I used a Little Lisette poplin.

The pajamas fit!  And were well received.:)

Happy 13th Birthday, K!


  1. Big happy birthday to you! Love the pj's and cake, looks like it was a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! The p.j.'s are really great!

  3. Happy Birthday to K ... a teenager!! Wow!! Such a pretty girl too!
    The top looks artistic because of the piecing adjustments making the whole outfit look great.
    Love your colourful cake. It looks artistic too much like architecture found in Pisa! LOL!!

  4. Happiest of birthdays! Love the pj's and the cake :-)

  5. LOVE the jammies.....and wow. 13. It very grown up. What a wonderful milestone! Big congratulations and happy day to your girl...amazing.

  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy being 13!
    And the jammies are very cool - not to mention the colorful cake.

  7. Clever save piecing the fabric together. The pyjamas look great! Now that's my style of cake... LOL!!! I bet she loved it!!!


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