Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Me Made May Kid Version

By lucky happenstance, BK and MG are wearing clothes I sewed for them today.  Well, not really as most any day will find one kid if not more wearing something I made.  But I thought I'd share anyways.

Brenna Kate is wearing a Oliver + S Ruffled Halter that I made 2 years ago.  The great thing about it...the pattern is a free download.  btw, the skort is a hand me down from K.  There are a few pieces that are classic in style that I've held on to. 

Molly Grace is absolutely THRILLED to be posing for pictures.  Can't you just see the joy lighting up her face??

She's wearing one of the Sandbridge Tops I made for Amanda's Make it in a Metre series.  The bottoms are  Puppet Show shorts (another Oliver + S pattern).  I don't think I did a blog post about those...they are circa 2010 and were made from an old linen skirt.

It's nice to know that the kids do actually choose to wear clothes I've sewn for them.  The only time I coerce them to don my sewing is for the initial blog post.  After that, it's up to them whether or not they wear the clothes.:)


  1. Great to see these being worn for a long time too! It always makes me smile when my kids are wearing clothes I made

    1. It is nice, isn't it? Makes all the time spent sewing worth it.:)

  2. Love their clothes! I The look on your daughter is just priceless. :) The halter top is on to do list this year since my toddler is finialy in a 2T.


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