Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How High Can You Swing?

I escaped our house on Tuesday* and went to my parents' abode.  The change of scenery did me good.

I was able to fulfill a request from BK...

A Swingset Tunic (available as a download now!) in a piece of fabric that was given to me from a dear lady at our church.  I traced off a 5 for my larger than life little girl.  Truthfully, this print doesn't really do it for me.  I had pulled it out to donate but BK saw it and insisted I make her a top.

The buttons on the back are gray to go with the skirt she originally requested.

I hope to finish the skirt this evening.

But wait that's not the end of my craftiness!

Okay, this isn't really crafty but I bit on a Teacher gift idea that has been floating around the 'net.  Today, was BK's last day of Speech Therapy until the fall and I wanted to do a little something for the marvelous lady who has helped BK be understood.

Idea and free printable are from HERE

I put 5 packets of On The Go Crystal Light Lemonade mix in the cup.  I also inserted a note telling the teacher how much I appreciated her.  BK made a little note too.:)  She's had a great school year and improved immensely in the 6 months that this particular teacher has been working with her.  My fingers are crossed that this teacher will be coming back in the fall!

*And yes, Tuesday is usually the day I go over there but with swim lessons on Tuesday and Thursday nights, Wednesday has become the new Tuesday. However, instead of staying all day and only leaving to pick up the older, school attending children and returning with said children in tow, BK and I came home yesterday. We're heading back over there today with the aforementioned kids so that they can get their Grandma and Grandpa D time.  Way more than you wanted to know, right?:)


  1. This top is so cute, I can't wait to see the skirt! Perfect for summer!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you were able to get a break from the insanity at the house and have some crafty time. The tunic is super cute. It looks like it would be a good stashbuster, too. I'll have to download it for Myra. My crazy munchkin pulled some to-be-donated fabric out of the box on me last night, too. Must be going around...

  3. The fabric may not be your favorite, but it looks great made into the tunic. Does your daughter just love it? :)


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