Friday, June 8, 2012

Just A Swingin

Prepare for a plethora of pictures!

Swingset by the mop head hydrangeas

BK is wearing her new Swingset Set (pattern:  Oliver + S).  The original request was for a skirt.  But as we were digging through my fabric stash looking for a suitable (neutral) fabric, she spied this floral print.  I've had the print for at least a year.  It was part of a fabric/smocking/patterns bonanza that a dear lady from church had given to me.  She is no longer  sewing/smocking and none of her children or grandchildren were interested.  This particular print wasn't doing it for me and after hanging on to it and not being inspired, I was prepared to donate it.  But miss BK saw it and immediately wanted it for the skirt.  We compromised and decided a top to go with the neutral colored skirt would be best.  (in other words, I told BK no and did a little bait and switch by offering to make a top)

I did use it for the skirt lining.;)

The main skirt fabric is black Carolina Chambray.  I sewed up a size 5 but I added a 1/2" to each side and 3/4" to the length.  As you're aware, BK may be 5 but she's not the size of a typical 5 year old.  I had remeasured her recently and she's gone from an Ottobre Design (Euro sizing) 104 to a 116.    Stop growing, pretty please!

This pattern is probably one of my all time favorite Oliver + S patterns.  It's perfect for summer time.

Now you can see why I chose to go with gray buttons on the back of the tunic.   

My fashion model insisted on princess hair for her photo shoot.  Hey, whatever works!

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  1. Cute, Cindy! Even though you may not have loved the fabric I think it turned out pretty cute in blouse form.

    So what's that look she's giving you in the last photo?! :-)

  2. Beautiful eyes Bk!! And I am so jealous of your hydrangeas, they don't grow in our horrible desert climate... What a fun pop to have the fabric as lining (even if it doesn't really do it for ya;)

    1. I love hydrangeas! The mop head ones didn't bloom at all last year as we had a spell of really warm weather in the winter and it had started to bud out, then we had a hard frost. I was glad to see them bloom this year.

      The fabric has grown on me.:) She wore the ensemble again today. Thanks!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Now I have my eye out for this pattern.

  4. She is a beauty!
    I love the Swing Set on her!
    Its Liddy's favourite but at 8 years old she has finally grown out of the 5!

    1. Thank you! This is one of those patterns that I really wish went up to at least an 8.

  5. It makes such a sweet set, and I like the floral as the skirt lining :-)

  6. Very cute - must make something like that for my girl.

  7. Just precious! I love the matching lining and I can't wait totry sewing with chambray too!


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