Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Nightgowns

My little girls love to wear nightgowns.   And I have to admit, nightgowns are perfect for hot summer nights.  

Last year's summer nightgowns have been making an appearance almost every night here recently so I knew it was time to sew up a few more.

KS 3105 Nightgowns
Last year's nightgowns XS

Summer 2012:


I used the same pattern as last year (Kwik Sew 3105) but went ahead and traced off a size small.  I skipped adding the ruffle and did a rolled hem instead.  I also finished the neckline and armholes with FOE (fold over elastic). 

The white nightgowns were made out of a Roxy print from Girl Charlee.  It's a soft cotton jersey but also quite thin.  It's also a major PITA to sew.  If you look closely at MG's nightgown, the bodice is quite a bit shorter than BK's.  (I know the photos aren't fab, I took them on my iPhone.)  Despite my careful pinning and going slow, I managed to catch the bodice with the left serger needle as I was attaching the gathered front.  I tried very carefully with the seam ripper to fix my boo boo but the fabric ended up with a few holes.  I gave up and took a wide (really wide!) seam allowance.  They are meant for sleeping so who cares if the nightgowns are perfect, right? 

I'm tempted to order some more of the fabric ($2/yard!) as it's perfect for the little girls' nightgowns but I don't know if I'm willing to sew with it again.

I made 2 more out of a cotton jersey print from Hancock Fabric's.  This fabric has been in my stash for at least 3 years (yay for stash bustin'!).  It was a lot easier to sew with too. 

The girls are good to go with their new nightgowns and my fabric stash is a little lighter.  Time to get busy on the pattern stash bustin'!


  1. Very nice! And they look really comfortable. I've never tried FOE. Is it easy to sew with?

  2. I love these, they look so comfy. They're on my 'never-ending' list ! Our summers never seem to be long or warm enough. Hope you're enjoying that gorgeous weather you seem to be having.

  3. these are so sweet!! I love them; Anika would too. I'll have to hunt down that pattern.

    On another note, you know what I have figured out is almost impossible to find here?? FOE. I KNOW.

    Grr. Love the nightgowns!! (Or "sleeping dresses" as Ani calls them. Hee.)

    1. It's a great pattern. I use the other view for their flannel winter nightgowns.:)

      I have yet to find it in a store locally but Sewzanne's Fabrics and The Fabric Fairy both carry a selection online.

  4. I made a night gown recently out of some material that sounds like what you described in the white ones, really thin and kind of slippery knit. It was a PITA! I ended up pinning the heck out of it, sewing inside the seam allowance a bit and then serging over the top. I almost never take the time to sew first on knits but I didn't want to risk a pin getting tangled up with my newly serviced serger >.<

    1. I wouldn't want to take a chance with a newly serviced serger either! At least my little girls like the nightgowns even if I look at the white ones and cringe.:)


  5. I've often had to make wider seams than planned, due to mistakes... LOL!!! No one will notice, least of all the girls. My favourite is the blue jersey.


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