Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swimsuit Time!

Remember how I was going to sew new swimsuits for the little girls before our Florida trip in March?  And how I ran out of time?  It's been on my to-sew list to finish those UFOs.  I made a valiant attempt but sadly, BK's ended up being an epic fail.   Too small, one leg opening bigger than the other kind of epic fail.  

I redeemed myself (mostly) this afternoon and whipped out a new suit just in time for swim lessons.

An old standby, Ottobre Design 03/09 #38
Seahorse Swimsuit
in a size 110 for BK

Clothing, especially swimsuits look sad without an active, little body filling them out...


swim back

I did the straps a little differently than the pattern calls for.  I copied Millie from Needles and Haystacks  but chose not to cross the straps in the back.  Millie explains the process HERE.

swim x2
closer up view of the front and how the straps are done differently

Miss B chose the swimsuit fabric from the clearance aisle at Joann Fabrics on Monday.  It's a nice, heavy weight material and I was tempted to skip lining the swimsuit.  I was concerned that the white parts would be see through when wet so I forged ahead with the lining.  I used a heavier lining fabric that I usually love but (you knew that something had to go astray!) the combo of the heavy swimsuit fabric and sturdy lining mean that this swimsuit is like one of those miracle slimming suits us ladies that have children and a fondness for soda and sweets tend to wear.  You try wriggling an impatient Brenna into one of those.  It's not fun!

I figure after a few weeks in the chlorine followed by some days at the beach, the swimsuit will loosen up a bit.  I can hope.;)

Luckily, the swimsuit isn't too tight to swim in...


Ottobre Design Seahorse Swimsuit



  1. Way cute!! I need to be less of a slacker and make one of these for Myra. Last year's suit is getting a wee bit skimpy... I like the fabric BK chose. It's very fun!

  2. I'm in awe. You're amazing. The suits are adorable, the girls are fab.

  3. Looks great! Good choice, BK. And yay for progress on UFO's!

    1. There's still MG's bikini that I drafted to finish...but that might have to wait as she's changed her mind and wants either a tankini or a one piece now.;)

  4. I love the fabric BK chose :-)
    Fab cossie, as usual!

    1. She's becoming dangerous in the fabric store...she wants it all! Thanks, Justine.:)

  5. Cindy, your children are lucky to have a mother with such amazing skills!!! As always, so professionally sewn. It is reassuring to hear that you have the odd fail as well... LOL!!!

  6. Aw, that's amazing. Bathing suits terrify me - I've never tried. Maybe sometime....I love the idea of making them for Anika (especially when I see the extra special kinds of hoochie bathing suits in the store...I mean come on, does my five year old really need a string bikini?!). But I've never been brave enough. Maybe one day!!! Love what you did; it's awesome.


    1. Thanks, Christy! If you can sew knits, you can sew swimsuits. It's really not hard at all. I need to sew one up for my oldest as we couldn't find much that fit her in the shops. Kwik Sew patterns are a good place to start...the fit is spot on.


  7. You've been sewing up a storm again!! I love the swimsuit and the comparison to miracle slimming suits :-) BK did a great job picking fabric - I love the colours in it.

  8. Nice work, lovely swimsuit. I plan on making my 7 year old a swimsuit tomorrow, but a tankini.

  9. Two cute suits! I have to laugh about Brenna's bodyshaper suit! That's essentially what I did with the boy shorts I made myself, only both fabrics were too taut, oof.

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