Monday, July 23, 2012

Back from Vacation

We had a stellar time vacationing at the beach with our extended family.  There was 25+ of us staying in one house.  Recipe for disaster for some families but with this group, nothing but a good time!  The surf was phenomenal on Sunday and Monday for those in the group who are dedicated surfers.  And for those like me, who only paddle out once or twice a year, there was enough happening to entertain us the rest of the week.

I had brought along some hand sewing (smocking) if I got bored but I didn't touch it!

On the last full day, I took a few more pictures that show the little girls' new swimsuits better...

Kwik Sew 3605

I love the coverage of the Kwik Sew bottoms.  They fit perfectly!  No wedgies and no peeks of parts that shouldn't be showing no matter how active BK is. 

Self Drafted Bikini

I had mentioned a few times that I had started this in March right before we left for FL.  Well, by the time I picked it back up in July to finish it I had no clue what some of the cut out pieces were supposed to be!  I totally winged the construction. 

The top has approximately 3 1/2 inches of elastic across the front to keep it close to the chest.  There is also a strip of elastic that is around the top in the back and reaches about 1 3/4" past the side seams of the top.  The bottom of the top has no elastic but I cut the binding strip shorter than the top's circumference and it holds it in place.

The bottoms have elastic around the waist plus the contrast binding.  But the legs do not have any elastic...the binding once again is cut shorter and holds everything in place.  The bottoms are a bit scary looking when not on a child.  I seriously thought I'd sewn a wadder!  But once MG put them on, I was delighted with the way they looked.  That was a close one.:)

You would think we would have had enough of the beach after spending 7 straight days there but nope, we were back there today with some of my family who was in town to visit.  The girls are all wearing swimsuits that I've sewn for them.  On the way home, K put in a request for another tankini with a fabric/color scheme like BK's (stripes for the top, dots for the bottoms).  

I'll leave you with some short clips of the waves we caught last week.  This was all later in the week when the swell had died down but we still had fun!





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  1. More cute swim suits!! I love them all.

  2. Looks like a fab week was had by all!
    I love your cossies - they always look so professional
    (& is BK now taller than MG?!)

    1. certainly looks that way! I'll have to get them to stand back to back and compare.:) Thanks, Justine!

  3. so cute! Looks like a fabulous vacation! The bikini bottoms are fabulous. Glad you had fun :)

  4. That's a lot of people! It must have been a good holiday when you didn't take out the sewing ;-) I love how they all stand together for your picture.

  5. Looks like a great vacation! Nice swim suits.

  6. Sounds like a great trip! The suits are super cute. I like the fit of the girls' shorts.


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