Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shorts on the Line

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I'm participating in another sewalong...this time it's all about shorts! 
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shorts:  Ottobre Design 03/12 #5 "Donkey"
top:  Gymboree Tank Top

The impetus behind these shorts was a recent Gymboree order of knit shorts and tank tops.  I'd purchased 4 tank tops and 2 pairs of shorts to mix and match for both little girls.  Sadly, the shorts were all too big on MG.  *Yes, I do purchase clothing for my kids.  Not often, but occasionally.* 

The colors in the line (Sea Splash) coordinated well with the leftover stretch terry from BK's swimsuit coverup PLUS there was a pair of shorts I wanted to make MG from the summer Ottobre Design issue.  I followed the pattern with no re-mixing or modifying (shocking I know!).  I sewed up the biggest size which is a 92.  Good thing Miss Molly is slim.:)

The shorts get 2 thumbs up from MG for comfort and coordinating with the beachy theme tank tops!

MG in her dolphin tank top (Gymboree) and new shorts
BK in her bikini tank top and striped shorts (both from Gymboree)


  1. They do look super comfy, Cindy. Love the blue fabric with the white binding!!!

  2. Really cute! Grace wants to know if you you made the shirt!

  3. I like the shorts you made. They fit her perfectly.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! The girls used to love to dress alike (which I was fine with) but once they were close in size, I wasn't so keen on having duplicates of the same size clothing. Coordinating is much nicer!

  5. Beautiful growing up girlies!

    1. I have to catch my breath sometimes when it hits me that they are no longer babies.

  6. I like the "1980's" shorts more every time I see them. Do I even have this issue of Ottobre? Hmm....

    1. There were several things I liked in that issue but we were one of the people who had to request a new one as the original was never delivered. By the time it arrived, I had moved on to other projects. The shorts are the first pattern I've made from it.:)


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